3 Steps to Connecting With The Mystical Side of Your Business

Many of my friends have told me they noticed a shift in my language starting about 3 months ago :: It began with a creative approach to re-birthing my livelihood.

I’m a Marketing Muse and Creativity Midwife.

And, I believe your business/livelihood can be as exciting as any religious experience. It’s up to you.

Here are 3 simple exercises to help you approach your work and career through your inner Mystical Muse:

1. Passion Words Brainstorm

Begin by writing down words that describe how you desire to feel. Set a timer for 10 minutes and with pen in hand just write whatever flows through. When the timer goes off stop. Study your list. Which words pop off of the page? Begin to circle those words, but only allow yourself five minutes this time. Do you notice a pattern emerging from the circled words? Can some of these words be enfolded into each other? Now, choose 3-5 of the circled words to become your magical desire potion. These words should give you a satisfied feeling, like that cigarette after a great orgasm feeling (without the cigarette hopefully). Don’t feel you can’t change these words down the road; you can and you will. I do this once a year, around New Years and they become my resolutions. It sure beats having a huge list of to-dos that just weigh down my spirit. In the words of Danielle LaPorte, “I think we have it all backwards in our culture, that we come up with our to-do lists, and our bucket lists, and our strategic plans, and our business plans, and our ambitions when really—if we just got clear and got anchored into how it is that we want to feel in our career, our vocation, in our wealth building, in our livelihood—then we could just do whatever we needed to do to generate those particular desired feelings.” Amen Sister! So, figure out the feelings you want to feel and do the next exercise.

2. Passion Action

There’s so much you can do with your fabulous list of desire words! I used mine in the first paragraph of this booklet: opulent, grounded, enchanted, thrilled and helpful. Here’s what I suggest you do. Post these words at your computer, in your journal and anywhere else you will see them constantly. Before taking action on anything, whether it’s to call someone, pitch to a local business, sign up for a class or workshop, walk into a new restaurant, write that book, or start a new project, ask yourself, “does doing this fulfill 3 or more of my desired feelings?” If the answer is “YES!” than by all means jump on it! If you get a definite “NO!” than steer clear. It’s the most efficient system I’ve ever used to make decisions quickly in all aspects of my livelihood. And, the ambiguous “maybes” that show up will not keep you stuck in indecision. Instead a “maybe” can become a “not now, maybe I’ll get back to it later.” Keep moving forward! Track your progress in a journal each day as you use your passion words to drive everything that you do.

3. Your “cocktail line,” “elevator pitch.”

This exercise is more useful than you can imagine. For one, you’ll get supreme clarity on what you’re really doing, how you’re doing it and why. (By the way, why is the most important question to answer any time you create a marketing piece). Secondly, you can use it for your bio on blogs, on your website, in your direct mail/email. I have used one version of my pitch as the bio on my website. Have fun with this and also practice in the mirror saying it to yourself and to friends and family who are supportive of your professional growth.

1. Begin by writing down your official (and not so creative) job title: CEO, VP, Massage Therapist, Singer, Writer, Web Developer etc.

2. Write what you really do: Inspire, Create, Heal, Soothe, Communicate, Teach. Can any of these be translated into a title/noun: Inspire=Muse; Teach=Mentor; Create=Artisan or Creatrix; Heal=Healer. What you do is interesting and finding a unique way to express it creatively will help you tell your story quickly and increase your listener’s interest.

3. Who is your audience and what are they looking for. For example, What do you get paid for and/or what do people thank you for? (great insight from copywriter extraodinaire Alexandra Franzen)

4. What values do you share with your audience? What will help people connect to what you are doing?

5. What are you working on right now that they should know about?

6. Finally, close with a question that you are truly interested in knowing. This will elicit an opening conversation that can lead to an opportunity for a business engagement.

Here’s my cocktail line as an example:

I’m a marketing muse and creativity midwife bent on uplifting solopreneurs. I believe all the cycles of your life’s journey are sacred and telling your unique story can help you bring in clients, customers and magic.

These days, I’m harnessing my various talents by creating the upcoming Elite + Fabulous Marketing Lab, preparing to launch an online magical manifestation toolkit, scribing a novel, and recording my second vision journey CD.

Where are you NOW on your life’s journey and what would you like to manifest from your experience?

Would you like to learn more about what I’m up to and how I can help you? Check out my Elite+Fabulous Marketing Lab.

Love + Gratitude,



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