7 Ways to reconnect with your sovereignty 👑 … and sacred Pleasure.

My big why in my life’s work of pleasure is to help you remember just how friggin’ amazin’ you are!

I don’t know if you have the same struggles as me, but I need support and constant reminders that I’m the Sovereign Queen of my life. This is why I work with goddesses every day.

In my Pleasure Queen method, I work with 7 goddesses who I adore and that help me reconnect with my personal power and pleasure whenever I feel drained and wilted.

#1: Aphrodite is the Queen of Ultimate Pleasure without the guilt and shame! She never works hard to earn her sovereignty or her pleasure. She knows her every desire is sacred AF in every cell of her being!

Stance: Don’t Mess With My Pleasure … Or Else!

#2: Isis is the Queen of Sex Alchemy & Magick. She is the literal “throne” and knows every word she utters calls in powerful transformation. She sits in power 24/7 and cannot be dethroned.

Stance: I am the POWER of Pleasure.

#3: Yemaya is the Queen of the Ocean and is the fertile ground from whence all of life is birthed. She is powerful enough to pummel boulders into sand, yet is best known for her superpower to love unconditionally.

Stance: Love is the royal road to Pleasure.

#4: Pele is the Queen of Volcanic Anger and Ecstasy who allows herself to be present in each emotion, no matter how dark or explosive. She doesn’t wait for permission to align with her authentic emotions. She burns with the tides of ecstasy, sadness, anger and joy.

Stance: I FEEL every emotion, even if it burns!

#5: Lalita is the Red Queen of Erotic Spirituality. She is the supreme Tantric goddess of divine play, sensuality and sexuality. She runs wild through the forest with her golden bow and 5 arrows hunting for pleasure through all 5 of her senses.

Stance: Pleasure is my birthright.

#6: Lakshmi is the great Queen of Abundance who gives tirelessly to those who are pure of heart and uncluttered of mind (and home). She knows that REAL power lies in the ability to receive.

Stance: I am ready to receive all the PLEASURE my heart can hold.

#7: Lilith is the Queen of the Night, First Wife of Adam and Mistress of Sexual Independence who was kicked out of the Garden of Eden for insisting to be “on top.” She is the Queen of Uncompromising Pleasure and knows that all of her desires are non-negotiables.

Stance: My pleasure body is the container of Truth and Light.

In my 7 month Pleasure Queen Immersion, you’ll have a whole month to dance with each of these goddess archetypes – befriending and gaining wisdom from them to reclaim your sovereignty and remember the sacredness of your desires.

Pleasure Queen Immersion

Unleash Your Inner Sensual Goddess, Embody Riches and Live in Alignment With Your Holy Femme Power Through Initiation Into The 7 Divine Feminine Codes©.

This is a 7 month deep dive immersion for high-achieving women to release yourself from old wounds, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and the patriarchal grind so you can manifest a BIG, luscious life that you LOVE with feminine ease, confidence and grace.

❌ Are you constantly overworking and overgiving to get the love, money and recognition you desire – and STILL not getting what you want & need?

❌ Are you staying silent, dimming your light or holding back your deepest desires for the sake of others in your life?

❌ Are you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked by those you serve so devotedly and are ready to finally put you and your vision first?

❌ Are you always living in the past or the future and have forgotten what fun & pleasure even feel like?

❌ Are you constantly exhausted, numb from the waist down and suffering from low libido and lack of motivation?

I’m so done with living like that, aren’t you?

Ready to take up space & embody your sacred LIFE & WORK like the badass Goddess you truly are?

Look around you. The women making a deep impact in the world are those who have stopped hiding, STEPPED INTO THE LIGHT and know deep in the core of their being that they are the answer to someone’s prayer.


✅ Feeling deep peace and clarity as you connect with the source of your divine feminine power – The Goddess – which will have you saying, “I now know what to do with ease and grace.”

✅ Breaking up with playing small and not asking for more, and shifting into a confident Queen who calls in and creates her desires with confidence & trust.

✅ Opening your heart to the divine, nourishing love of your Goddesses which will heal your fears and have you feeling more than deserving and safe to give and receive love and financial prosperity.

✅ Awakening your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and magical abilities and watch the abundance flow in as you share them with the world⁠—guilt and shame free.

✅ No more putting everyone else’s wants and needs first at the expense of your well-being as you shift into a woman who feels safe and confident to take up space and be heard.

Are you ready to be that glowing, embodied woman of presence, power & influence we’ve all been praying for?

Learn more about the Pleasure Queen Immersion in this gorgeous brochure.

In the coming days I’m offering a juicy-AF scholarship to save $2,200 if you sign up before the Immersion kicks off on June 14th.

When you claim your scholarship and pay in full, you’ll also receive more than $4,000 worth of BONUSES! 🤑

Payment plans available.

Let’s do this! Click HERE to see the 7 month curriculum I created and learn more about the bonuses.

To join us for the Immersion, book a call with me and I’ll set you up with payment and get you started right away.

To your luminous rise,



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