A Pleasure Manifesto … Why I Love What I Do.

When I wake up in the morning I crave pleasure. Every day.

Photo by Ross Barrrett, 2015.

Photo by Ross Barrrett, 2015.

I crave supernaturally sublime sex. (mostly every day)

Where I fantasize that I have Dionysus between my legs … and his visage may shapeshift into my husband’s or another masculine idol who happens to capture my fancy at the moment.

And after that I’m your ordinary, everyday mom who wakes my beautiful daughter up and gets her ready for school.

I love that about my life. If someone said, “you could have it all if …”
I would stop them and tell them I already DO.

My customers are my posse and my teachers.

More than anything else, I care about helping them feel magical, sparkly, beautiful, safe so they can be themselves, sexy, adventurous, generous, flirty, huge-hearted, powerful and sacred. (not necessarily in that order)

Like those Mer-beings from legend and mythology.

And the reality is that they are Mermaids + Mermen … and so much more because each of us is a complete Universe unto itself spinning through the galaxy.

Striving to feel sublimely unstoppable is a must.

But at the end of the day, being sublimely happy is all that matters.

When I die I want to be remembered as a person who laughed and cried a lot – who wasn’t afraid to express the depths or the heights of life’s experiences.

And who inspired others to live imaginatively, and without inhibitions dive deep and soar high.

I believe that there is no separation between who you are and what you DO.

If you feel split when it comes to your personal life + your business, my upcoming course PLEASURE YOURSELF can help you bridge the divide.

Begins January 11th – which happens to be my birthday! Only offered once in 2016.

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