Your April 2016 Entrepreneur Tarotcast.

Card 1: Overall Theme


3 of Wands

This is a time of potent and abundant movement.

There are many opportunities for you to seize and perhaps you may feel decision-making paralysis. Whatever you do, be brave and bold and DECISIVE.

We have a special super new moon in Aries coming up this week and you can’t absorb this amount of transformative MOJO if you sit around on your arse hiding behind your computer!

You have a chance to be a true trailblazer and can be the sort of leader who inspires others to also blaze their own trail. You will have moments of fear and self-doubt … but not as much as you’ve had in the past. Last month’s eclipses helped move out old crap that has been weighing on you or holding you back.

Even if you have a community, a small group of friends or a partner that is supporting you 1000%, you will still feel like you’re walking through a dense, and magical forest, with only your own wits and intuition to guide you. You’re moving through the uncharted territory of your own soul and this takes CAJONES! And I know you’ve got ‘em.

Think EXPANSION for this month. In fact “expand” can be your mantra!

Travel, business enterprise, commerce, partnerships, financial abundance, scholarships are all highlighted — and you have to venture out of your comfort zone to reach them.

Risk. Breathe. Trust. Move forward fearlessly.

Card 2: Challenges



You’ve just awakened to a profound truth, or have experienced a rebirth. You feel vulnerable and a little shaky on your new ground. Whatever transformations you went through last month have shaken you to the core.

And this is fabulous AND scary at the same time.

But this is not the end, it’s only the beginning. More change, more growth and more expansion are on the horizon.

Now, more than ever you know what your calling is and you have a responsibility to see it through. You can no longer ignore that voice – it’s your heart talking after all. And I imagine there could be consequences if you don’t follow your inner guidance.

And sometimes this is simply placing one foot in front of the other. Slowly. Intentionally and steadily. Day by day, and “bird by bird” (if you’ve never read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, this would be a prime month to do so.)

Risk. Breathe. Trust. Move forward fearlessly.

Card 3: Support


Knight of Wands

Interestingly, in last month’s reading the King of Wands occupied this spot.

This is not a card to tell you to think things through carefully – The Knight is impulsive, spontaneous and soooooo passionate! He is confident and courageous and bold.


I think by now, you’re picking up on the central message of this reading …

Risk. Breathe. Trust. Move forward fearlessly.

Card 4: Fears


3 of Pentacles

Now we get to the earth cards. Here’s your dose of reality.

Do you have the means, the skills; have you set aside the space and time; and said no to the shiz you shouldn’t be doing anymore in order to create this THING that your heart is shouting at you to make/do/have/be?

Your Heart is just like that Knight of Wands, it’s fearless. It takes no mind to what realities you have to deal with to get its desires fulfilled. It’s pure courage.

Middle English (denoting the heart, as the seat of feelings): from Old French corage, from Latin cor ‘heart.’

Your Heart is the roaring lion within.

The good news with this card is that all the work you’ve been doing to bring your dreams into the physical realm is paying off – now you’re moving up to the next level. I’m celebrating all of us!! So awesome!

And keep applying the same effort and MORE to keep moving towards your goals and beloved intentions. And you’re not meant to overwork yourself. Hellz no! This is a card about teamwork and getting assistance to get to the finish line.

You will have the support you need to complete that trek up the mountain. You’re almost at the summit. DO NOT STOP!!

Risk. Breathe. Trust. Move forward fearlessly.

Card 5: Action


King of Pentacles

YES! Here we have one of the most powerful and grounded cards of the tarot. The King of Pentacles (Earth).

He is asking you to rise to greatness. Be the lion. Be the leader. And help others get there too.

This King is not a narcissist. He is uber successful because he has helped so many others fulfill their own dreams during his rise to fame and fortune.

You have so many gifts to share, and when you share of yourself your abundance will grow exponentially.

You are powerful. You are not a power abuser, so quit stopping yourself from stepping into your true, divinely bestowed POWER.

By taking back your power, and also by cleaning up areas of your life that need tending, you give others permission to do the same.

Be the sovereign of your life and you bring others up out of the muddy trenches.

This is no small task and will again require a lionshare of courage.

Risk. Breathe. Trust. Move forward fearlessly.

Card 6: Outcome


The Empress

Beloved, this is your month to continue doing your best work and reap the rewards.

Abundance is hovering all around you, along with so much magic.

You are pregnant with potential and fertile with lots of ripe creative “babies.”
The Empress is the great Earth Mother. She is surrounding you in love, nourishment and protection. You have a bright star over you, showering the blessings of Heaven all over you!

Do not let this time pass. Move, dance, run, leap … or just crawl to your desired goals. Do not stop moving towards them.

Take sweet, nurturing care of yourself as you expand and move forward this month. The more you nourish your appetite for beauty, within and without, the more abundant resources you will attract.

This nurturing is through all of your senses. Invoke Venus. Indulge in sensuality. Fall in love with LOVE. Express your love to those you hold dearest, and again, expand your love to encompass humanity.

Believe in your value, that you are a precious and unique creation of the Divine. There is no other being in all of space and time that is anything like you.

Let yourself be moved, open, vulnerable … mighty, powerful, courageous and decisive all month.

There’s so much magic in the air, it’s obscene!

Breathe. Believe. Receive.

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