The Myth in Marketing: Astra Spider Biz Shaman!

#1. As a child, who were some of your favorite characters and why?

I loved any protagonist who was both a child (or young adult) and a detective. I was fond of mysteries and really vibed with the kids who solved them. I also loved and resonated with “Harriet the Spy,” for, although she ends up learning that it is wrong to spy on people, I was so in love with her curiosity and inventiveness; and also with her ability to be quietly observant, as well as her ability to see deeply into the human psyche. What a kid!

But the character who really touched (and still touches) my heart deeply is Lucy Pevensie, the youngest sister in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia). It is Lucy who first discovers the other-dimensional land of Narnia through a wardrobe in the spare room of a great rambling mansion, and befriends Mr. Tumnus, the good-hearted faun who is, sadly, under the influence of the “evil” White Witch. When Lucy and her siblings become entrenched in the adventure of saving Narnia from the throes of the White Witch, Aslan (the great Lion who symbolizes Divine Good) comes and gives each of the children a gift. To Lucy he gives a small bottle of healing potion, only to be used in times of the greatest need.

So little Lucy, with her fondness for animals and sweet mythical creatures, is also a Healer. And yet, despite her gentle and trusting nature, she proves that she can stand alongside her elder siblings as a Great Warrior, to defend all that is good and beautiful in the land of Narnia. It is also uncovered in the story that Lucy and her sibs are Narnian royalty – kings and queens, in fact. All hail Lucy, Queen of Narnia!

Healer, Warrior, Queen. And with a beautiful and pure heart. It doesn’t get much better than this!

#2. Tell us how you see the mythological and archetypal themes of this character working through your biz and life today.

As for the detective characters, I approach my work as a mystery to be unraveled – and I revel in the unraveling!

As for Harriet the Spy, it is my insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick – really, what makes the Universe tick! – that keeps me ticking away!

And as for Lucy – well, she may as well BE me. In fact, I AM her. Re: loving animals….I am the Animal Lady! I’ve got 6 animal companions at this time: 2 cats, 2 Boston Terriers, a lizard and a guinea pig – and plan on creating a sanctuary someday for Boston Terriers in need.

One of the best friendships I have ever had is with an American Alligator named Nessie (who, by the by, gave me the most potent heart healing I’ve ever received a few years back)!

And of course as a shaman I have a whole slew of Power Animals on board.

My animal friends are some of my best business partners. They provide me with inspiration, love and fun – and reminders to rest, sleep and rejuvenate in between biz tasks.

Now back to Lucy and me: Healing is one of my greatest gifts. And happily I have married healing with another of my greatest passions – business coaching! – for a most unique and inspiring biz model.

As far as the Warrior archetype, I don’t feel it pertains strongly to my life in the present, but it has served me very well in the past. I could not have gotten where I am today without tapping into my Warrior self. To everything there is a purpose! I have always taken a stand for what I believe in. BAM.

And the Queen. The Queen. This speaks to my heart as the archetype – and prototype! – for all that is our birthright. Sovereignty, abundance, allowing, receiving. We each are the masters of our realms.

We are Queens and Kings, all.

#3. If you let this character take over as CEO of your biz for the day what would be the first thing she/he would change?

What would Lucy Pevensie change about my biz? Mmmm – breathing into this….And asking her directly…..

“Lucy, what would you change about my biz?”

Lucy’s reply:

“Here is what I would change about your business, Astra. You already are a Healer, a Warrior and a Queen. But sometimes you forget you are also a child. For we all are all ages, always. We are children of the Universe. I know you know logically that it is your right to have FUN in your biz. I want you to incorporate this MORE. I want you to ONLY have fun in your biz! Astra – let me come and have fun with you and your animals! It will be the best business meeting EVER!!”

Thank you Lucy. I love you.

#4. What is your Personal Legend? And, how have you been able to stay the course in spite of all the dazzling objects that have tried to lure you away?

My Personal Legend is Empowerment. The True Message of my Soul is this:

Empowerment – Vitality, Love, Abundance, Peace and Freedom – is the natural state of Being for humans.

I have been able to stay the course by training myself to talk to Energy. To know Energy. To understand Energy. And to realize when my Energy does not feel right. I have become like the Animals. I can hear, see, feel and smell from miles away. And even if I am temporarily dazzled or entranced by the lure of another’s fancy feathers, sensuous scent or siren’s song, I have become an expert in shaking it off, whether sooner or later, and coming back to center. Back to my core Truth. I know I don’t have to look outside myself for Empowerment. I simply connect back in with my Soul, for she contains the wisdom of the Universe. All I ever need is within me.

#5. What are you working on now or introducing in the near future that you want everyone to know about?

I want everyone to know about the Inner Witch Charm School – A membership community for Soulpreneurs – the messengers and Witchy Woo-Woos of Earth! The shamans, healers, coaches, artists, writers and performers that are here in this lifetime to empower their Tribes with their soul’s true message.

The school is a loving, magical and supportive community for all you Soulpreneurs ready to fully open to your greatest spiritual gifts and develop your prosperous business from a space of confidence, clarity and self-acceptance.

It is time for you to step into your power and prosper! And I support you in doing just this. The Inner Witch Charm School officially kicks off January 1, 2015.

Earlybird sign-up and special pricing begins November 23! For more info click HERE.

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About Astra Spider

Astra Spider lives and breathes in Evanston, Illinois, with her guy and their six animal companions – two Boston Terriers, two cats, one Egyptian Uromastyx Lizard and one guinea pig. Astra is a shaman and a singer/songwriter. For fun, she enjoys singing in her online Karaoke community. She is also a soup wizard and loves to create magical veggie concoctions in the cauldron several times a week. Astra is the Empowerment Empress of the Inner Witch Charm School. She supports Soulpreneurs – the Messengers and Witchy WooWoos of Earth – to step into their power and prosper. Learn about her the Inner Witch Charm School.


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  • Thank you thank you thank you Kris! I love being a guest on your blog! I must add a self-correction – I happened to catch this part in the movie version of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe yesterday as I was flipping through channels. I was mistaken, it was not Aslan who gave the gifts to the children – it was Santa Claus! 😀 But we all are One, so I suppose it was Aslan as well, after all. 😉 <3 Thank you again for having me as a guest! Love, Astra

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