Awaken Sleeping Beauty: Marketing to Wake Up the Masses

Join me and a panel of magical marketing mavens for an hour and a half long conversation about empowering the masses to create healing change on the planet through divine entrepreneurship.

It’s going to be one helluva party.
(Oh, and you can win prizes too!)

Archived video of the Hangout below. Enjoy!

Date: May 7, 2013. 5:30-7:00pm (PT)
Location: Google Hangout. RSVP below and you’ll receive the party location.
mermaidPlungeKris Oster, Hostess, Mermaid-inspired Mentor, Writer, Drummer.
1. You’re a project birthing muse.
2. In order to manifest you have to believe in the invisible.
3. Marketing is a golden opportunity to heal the world.
Twitter: @mythicrhythm

SofiaHeadshotSofia Wren, Fantasy Writer, Magic Teacher, Massage Therapist.
1. Magic, flow and passion are always speaking if we listen.
2. Meditation must be fit into my busy schedule to be sane.
3. Living without a voice or purpose isn’t living at all.
Twitter: @SofiaWren

Nic-Laughing-300x287Nicky Tillyer, Artist, Creative Ninja, Teacher.
1. That outcome doesn’t always matter when you embrace your creativity and play.
2. That if you wait until you can afford the right supplies you’ll never start creating.
3. That you need to make a commitment to make time to be creative…there will never be time…you’re too busy. You have to MAKE it.
Twitter: @NickyTillyer
Facebook page:

Prizes! Yay! Email me the answers to the questions during the Hangout and you may be a lucky winner.

  1. (3) 1-hour Muse Sessions with Kris Oster (valued at $165 each). Need some inspiration or next steps for your big book or business idea? The Muse Session will help you get there.
  2. 1 free VITAL eVolution from Nicky Tillyer (valued at $17). Take the 21 day Vibrant Imaginative Thinking for Artful Living eVolution and rediscover your artful playful self.
  3. (5) “Decode the Unique Magic Language of Your Relaxation” with Sofia Wren (valued at $59.99 each)
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