Bathe Like an Egyptian

The beauty secrets of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, are well documented in both fiction and history. After the 1963 epic blockbuster film Cleopatra was released, we have forever associated the femme fatale’s face with the Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor. However, many historical accounts report that she was on the homely side, yet was able to hook (despite her large, hook-shaped nose) any man that crossed her path.

Cleopatra still is the symbol of the feminine power of seduction.

The greatest aphrodisiac is power. She claimed it with abandon–seducing some of the most powerful statesmen the world has ever known: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Cleopatra mothered three sons with Mark Antony and together they plotted to rule the Roman Empire, which was their undoing. After deifying themselves in public ceremonies as Dionysus-Osiris and Venus-Isis, they forever became immortal lovers.

The Egyptian queen was not just a political powerhouse. Cleopatra even wrote a medical treatise about cosmetics, hygiene and makeup! She knew the value of smooth silky hair and dramatic, kohl-rimmed eyes. Her mastery over her image rivals the trendsetting shape-shifters of our own culture: think Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

{Gorgeous painting and photo by Shirley Ann Aphrodite. Follow her on Instagram.}

She befriended decadence and good skin exfoliation with her infamous, daily milk bath. I’ve done this bath twice in my life! Truly, I’m asking myself at this very moment of typing, why I’m not doing this at least once per week?

This week’s blog is entitled, “Bathe like an Egyptian: Cleopatra’s Famed Beauty Secret, The Milk Bath.”

I give you my favorite recipe that will make your skin feel like VELVET. No joking here. Take time for yourself today and treat yourself to something sumptuous.

You deserve it!

Cleopatra befriended decadence and good skin exfoliation with her infamous, daily milk bath. I’ve done this bath twice in my life! Truly, I’m asking myself at this very moment of typing, why I’m not doing this at least once per week? I offer you my favorite recipe and it’s quite easy.

We won’t be using donkey milk, like Cleopatra did, but cow’s milk will work just as well. If you’re allergic to cow’s milk and are worried about putting it on your skin, goat’s milk will do the job.

For the Vegans out there: sorry, almond or soy milk won’t cut the mustard. The skin softening agent in milk is lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid), which helps cleanse and release dead skin cells. Soak in this for 30 minutes and your skin will feel unbelievably soft. Plus, you will smell heavenly, like Venus herself.


3-4 Cups Organic Cow or Goat Milk
1-2 Cups Organic Honey
1 Cup Sea Salt
½ Cup Baking Soda
Lavender Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil (Optional)
Sandalwood Essential Oil (Optional)

Fresh Flower Petals of Choice: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Orange Blossom are my favorites.

Lit candles, soft music and your favorite crystals are a wonderful touch and bring the sacred aspect of your Aphrodisiac beauty bath to life. Fill your bathroom with as much sensory beauty as possible!


Pour your milk in a pot and when it is steaming add your honey. Stirring frequently until the honey is melted and blended into the milk.

Remove the pot from heat and add your drops of essential oils; add as much fragrance as it pleases you.

As the milk concoction cools down run your bath. Add your sea salt and baking soda, mixing with your hand so they distribute and dissolve.

When you are ready to bathe, pour the entire contents of the pot in the bath–it will become a beautiful white-ish color.

Sprinkle in your fresh flower petals.

Soak for 30 minutes or more.

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