How to beguile the pants off of your favorite clients.
(Or any other clothing article that catches your fancy.)

So, you just started this business that’s beyond beneficial and have created irresistible offerings …

And a few very excited and supportive souls are showing up to join your revolution.

And you want more. And, that’s GOOD!

You’re beginning to wonder what it all takes.

You’re ready to step into your greatness, yet you don’t. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success even. How will you handle all those sign ups? Will your server explode?

Most likely it’s the first two fears I listed. At least that’s what you’ve hinted at in some of our interactions.

Today I’m offering up five effective and deceptively simple strategies to beguile your would-be-customers that works for me every time.

1. Start really being enthusiastic about what you’re selling. Sounds like a “DUH” right? The word enthusiasm comes from entheos “divinely inspired, possessed by a god.” No one can resist someone who is inspired by the god/dess.

When you tell people about your offering are you so excited that you can barely hold yourself back? Are you so excited that it’s disarmingly charming? Even to the point of looking slightly foolish, yet you don’t give a damn?  ‘Cause that’s what it’s going to take to get 100 sign ups instead of your usual 10.

Howevah …

Don’t confuse enthusiasm with the jitters. I’ve been decidedly low key most of my life and have noticed when I drink a lot of caffeine I talk really fast and excitedly––and some people may be confused and buy! Crazy, I know. And, even more people walk away.

Because I know I can get anxious about workshops selling out or people jumping on my latest offer. Notice that word? Anxious. Anxiety, even of the the heightened excitement variety, is not enthusiasm, and people, like dogs, can smell fear.

2. Release expectations. Don’t check your email every two minutes to see if someone has signed up. A watched pot never boils! Go dance, hike, actually do your work. What a concept!

Or skip work entirely. (Note: this one has worked wonders for Alex Franzen.) Go get your nails done or a massage. Make a succulent smoothie and sip slooowly (great recipes here). Mindful eating is a sign of trust. Don’t take my word for it? Ask Maria, my favorite kitchenloveologist.

Again, people can feel your essence and if you exude trust, guess what? They will trust you and buy.

3. Keep your goals in mind and be realistic.

“I want 50 people to sign up for this mastermind;”

“I want 40 people to register for my workshop;”

“I want to sell 30,000 copies of my eBook/book/CD/DVD.”

How big is your list and how responsive are they usually? This is something you need to think about before you launch a new product or service. If you barely have a list yet, can you work social media? Get JV partners? Start a blog tour with other bloggers in your niche that you’ve built relationships with? (You’ve done that right? If not, Think Traffic can show you how.)

4. Keep promoting like the dickens. It’s a given that new customers need 7 touch points with you before they’ll buy. This is why I begin pre-launch activities at least 30 days in advance.

And, be creative with your promotions; as in don’t just keep hitting us over the head with your offer! Be seductive by creating valuable information or by telling entertaining stories and planting your offer underneath them. Who do you want to be? The mysterious, yet intriguing stranger with the fedora hat and sleek overcoat, or, the yahoo that runs across the baseball field in his jockstrap? A little mystery is a beautiful thing. Take it from me. I’ve been that sweaty guy in the jockstrap (well, sort of). Being a mermaid is much more beguiling!

If you’re coming in under your goals, do something about it, besides panicking and reaching for that pint of Häagen-Dazs® Dulce de Leche ice cream. Danielle LaPorte’s list of 49 promotional ideas can work wonders. Pick just one activity and watch the numbers go up.

If you are easily meeting your number goals, that means you’re aiming too low. Get out there and push it! Again pick one or two marketing activities that sound fun and just do it. (Think Traffic has this amazing list of 21 actionable items you can do to increase your list size.)

5. Be yourself. Here’s the truth about being authentic: people need permission to stop holding back … their feelings, their love, their beauty, their boldest and brightest selves. Give your customers permission by being a model of that which you value the most.

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