Beguiling Beltane Book Promotion! May 2-4, 2016!

Beltane blessings to you!

In Celtic countries Beltane is the time of the great Fertility Rites. The Great Stag King would be wedded with the Great Earth Mother to bless and ensure the safety of the home, crops and livestock through the Summer, into the Harvest.

At the height of the fire rituals at Beltane, men and women would come together for intercourse for a night and to be hand-fasted (a looser form of marriage) for a year. If they decided that they were not right for each other they would hand-fast with a new partner the following year. Interesting stuff!

Beguiling beltane

Pleasure rules this time of year and my book Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood has plenty of material to help you experience more pleasure in your business.

To celebrate, I’m holding a 3 day book promotional event from May 2-4, 2016.

I’m offering a 2-week online course, The Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love, and it’s usually $47.

But during the promotion, if you purchase my book Return to Enchantment, you get into the course FREE.

About The Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love

Week 1 : Finding how the natal Venus in your birth chart is affecting your love life and material wealth. Learning how to use her energy to vitalize beauty, wealth, pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life. Developing your inner beauty and strength through pleasure.

Be the Empress of your life.

Week 2 : Take learnings and epiphanies from week 1 and apply them to your everyday life. Making big decisions with pleasure at the center. Choosing a path that integrates masculine and feminine, while using pleasure as your guide along the way.

The course runs two weeks from May 16, 2016 until May 27, 2016.

Live calls on May 17 and May 23 at 10am PT. Both calls will be recorded so you don’t need to worry about being there live.

We’ll have a private Facebook party throughout the two weeks to celebrate all the new PLEASURE moves we’ll make. It will be RAW, honest, fun, sexy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You purchase the PRINT book (sorry, ebook/Kindle doesn’t count) from Amazon or local bookseller Paradise Found in Santa Barbara, CA
  2. You email me the receipt and I add you to the course, valued at $47 for the price of the book (just $15)
  3. We play for 2 weeks in May in my new online course The Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love.

Ready for more PLEASURE at this fertile time? 😉

Let’s Get TURNED ON!


Stay tuned … I’ll have more courses coming in July-August 2016!

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