Bewitching “Black Friday” Week Bazaar

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Oh Darling! What to do? All of these pesky Black Friday offers that ask you to get up off of your couch … then spend hours trying to find parking … then swear at the assholes that keep stealing said parking spot before you get a chance to pull in … finally, you get into the store and can’t even breathe because the crowd has crushed you against the smudged display cases.

No, no, no Darling! I would never ask you to do that!

Grab your fuzziest slippers, a hot salted caramel mocha (or a peppermint schnapps if that’s more your speed) and keep that sweet derrière right there on the sofa.

Scroll down the page and take a tour of the most ecclectic and exotic marketplace this side of Shangri-La!

Mermaid-Marketing 1:1 Session

Offered by Kris Oster, Ph.D.

Need a splash of glittering and fresh content, marketing or offer inspiration?

  • Stuck in, uh, Stuckville? Ask me your questions about marketing, promotion and business development
  • Lackluster sales? Have me review your prime offerings and sales pages + give suggestions to levitate those numbers.

    You’ll get my undivided attention for a (1) 60 min. one-on-one session over phone or Skype (I can record phone, but not Skype at the moment). And, 1 week of email canoodling so we can make sure you actually take ACTION on my suggestions!
    (Crack goes the velvet whip!)

    Pricetag: $87. OFFER EXPIRED.

    The Mama Bear Special

    Offered by Aliza Stein McDill

    For those times in your business when you need a hug, a shot of clarity, and a ferocious business strategy. Introverts welcomed.

    Pricetag: $395.00 for two sessions.

    Annual Tarot Reading

    Offered by Jenny Griffin

    Jenny’s offering annual tarot readings (to begin January 2014). These are personalised readings that will offer an overview of the energetic imprints for each month and suggestions for potential actions or attitudes that will benefit you.

    Pricetag: The introductory price (from now to January 1st) is $80, for which you’ll get either one twelve-month reading or twelve monthly readings.


    Virtual Create Your Amazing Year of Self-Care Retreat

    Offered by Sarah Hawkins

    Hey there Gorgeous. This is the year for you to get a jump-start on that amazing life you’ve been meaning to have. Gift yourself with the sacred time for goal work and soul work. Tap into your soul’s true longing with creativity and connection. Your life is right here, right now. Let’s live, baby! Join me at the Virtual Create Your Amazing Year of Self-Care Retreat. January 18th from 11am to 6pm EST. No travel required.

    Pricetag: $66 if you register before December 13. $77 thereafter.

    Spark Retreat: Reignite Your Creative Fire

    Offered by Tania Wojciechowski

    Spark Retreat, Feb 20-24, 2014 in Taos, NM. We have 2 Spreecast wee-treats to give people a taste of the retreat.


    Spark Retreat is where you can release the busyness and listen to your gut. It’s a place where workshops invite you back to your fundamentals, through fear into joy; all while writing, working, and playing with your hands. It’s where friendships ignite: you will feel the sisterhood like it existed long before you discovered anyone’s name.

    BONUS: Anyone who signs up for Spark will get a free spot in our new $300 group coaching course (May 2014) which will dive deeper into the themes that come up at the retreat.

    Check out Spark Retreat:

    Finding Your Wild Wonder

    Offered by Sandi Davis

    When you move beyond logic and routine, past the rules of propriety, lies the land of your Wild Wonder. This is for you, my precious one, who hears the soul whispers of mid-life for More! Who feels worn down by the everyday-ness of life. Who craves beauty so deeply it hurts. Say “Yes” to 3 weeks of inspiration and cultivation of your Wild Wonder- delivered straight to your in-box. It is waiting for you, January 6-26, 2014.

    Pricetag: $49, regularly $79.

    Bonus: For those registering by December 6, a 30 minute private Wild Wonder session for $50, regularly $100, to be used between now and January 31.


    Full Spectrum Healing

    Offered by Ambika Talwar

    Darlings! I have a delightful offer which is a YES!

    For Full Spectrum Healing – clear anything you wish for you and your loved ones. Work on whatever you wish: vision + Love + relationships + health + karmic stuff + creativity …name it.. You got it.

    Please make purchase by end of 2013 – All sessions can be completed through Jan-Feb 2014.


    The Create your own Introvert’s Holiday Survival Plan package

    Offered by Tanja Gardner

    Although the holiday season is crazy for everyone, it can be a special kind of stressful for us introverts. But what if, this year, you could get to the end of the holiday period feeling calm and connected instead of frazzled and burnt to a crisp?

    The “Create your own Introvert’s Holiday Survival Plan” package is a 90-minute class + practical workbook that will help you make this year’s holiday leadup different.

    Pricetag: $37


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