The Big 20/20 Event: Day 9: Take Your Own Abundance Bath

Ritual Cleansing + Abundance Unblocking Bath

This is a great cleanse to do the night before deep journeying or ritual work. I use this cleanse whenever I feel financially blocked and desire more money, opportunities or jobs to flow to me.

What you will need: white or light blue candle, sea salt and a medium sized pot filled with an herbal potion (ingredients below), white or light/pastel colored pajamas.


  1. Prepare the herbal potion by boiling down the following herbs in a medium-sized pot: Star Anise, Laurel (Bay Leaves) and Basil. Allow to cool before taking your bath and leave it in a container next to your bathtub. Make sure your bathroom is as warm as possible because after you do the cleansing bath you can lightly dry yourself with a towel, but for the most part you want to allow the potion to air dry on your skin to absorb all of its properties.
  2. Fill your bathwater with sea salt and lavender essential oil. Enjoy a relaxing bath as you normally would.
  3. Light your candle near the tub. Gaze into the flickering flame while bathing. Visualize all impurities and negativity leaving your body and aura and being absorbed by the salt in the water.
  4. Drain the water out completely.
  5. Stand up and pour the herbal potion over your head and let it cascade down the rest of your body.
  6. Let it air dry and absorb in your skin for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Put on your white or light colored pajamas.
  8. Sweet dreams!

Water Blessing Ritual

I’ve used this ritual as a way to make baptismal water and any anointing/healing water for a circle or myself.

  1. Take a moment to assemble your bowl or jar of water on your altar. My preference is to use ocean water or rain water, or any water from natural sources that you can gather. Bottled and tap will do in a pinch. Ground and protect yourself as you would in any ritual practice.
  2. Light your candle. Choose a color that best represents the kind of blessing and healing that you are imprinting the water with. There are many books and free sources to research this, just Google “ritual color correspondences” (you’ll get a page like this) or “chakra colors.”
  3. Hold the blessing in your heart and repeat it a few times silently to yourself as you gaze into the flame of your candle. If you’re doing this in a group, have each member do the same, each holding their own candle.
  4. When you feel ready, pour the wax from your candle into the water, visualizing all of the bright, positive energy being transferred into the water.
  5. Now anoint yourself and others with the water. You may touch the water to different chakras like your third eye, crown, heart, solar plexus. Also anoint parts of your body that need healing.

    A Little More About Kris.

    What inspires you to create?
    The majority of my creativity comes through during quiet and stillness, particularly if I’m near a body of water. Also in the dreamtime. Any great piece of art: music, visual, film, literature, poetry will also awaken fresh creative ideas.

    Where do you get your ideas from for tutorials/products?
    I try different rituals like the ones above for personal and group purposes and share them when I’ve tested them out and know that they work.

    How long have you been a creative?
    I’m pretty sure I crawled out of the womb as a creative! I started writing and illustrating my own books when I was 6 or 7 years old. I continued the writing but not the illustrating unfortunately.

    What is your biggest dream for your creativity?
    That it heals thousands of people all over the world. Helps their dreams come true. Brings joy and a sense of the sacred into everyday, ordinary life.

    Creativity is magical and brings enchantment to anything we touch, no matter how simple or mundane it seems.

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