Blow Away Your Troubles With Bubbles

Meg Boone, Happiness Instigator and Creative Coun-SOUL-er.

Meg Boone, Happiness Instigator and Creative Coun-SOUL-er.

“I keep bubbles in my desk, yes in a real office in South Tampa, FL and I blow bubbles in the office often it is a great stress reliever. Also while waiting in line, don’t be afraid, even if they are killjoy enough to say “Excuse me there is no bubble blowing allowed in this establishment.” It is worth it to just hear someone say that.” – by Meg Boone.

So anyone else feeling a bit tense these days? (Mmmm hmmm. Yeah, most of you.)

With an intense full moon that had many of us on edge, ready to jump down someone’s throat or reenacting the scene from The Shining when Jack Nicholson’s running around with an ax (of course in your head, not in real life), it’s time to lighten up.

Meg Boone is one of my fave uber-talented and creative Goddesses. I turn to her in times like these: when I need a laugh and a dose of angelic lightness Meg has the perfect antidote … blow bubbles! She contributed an article to my beloved Goddess Guide to Business Bliss all about this delightful way to pass boring or tense moments, both in private and in public. Especially in public because you can really spread more joy.

My new favorite way to blow bubbles–adding essential oils! Meg suggests adding a few drops of your favorite scent to the bubbles. I love rose and lavender for a relaxing aphrodisiac (oooo lala!). I’m sure you’ve received the memo that making love with your mate (or yourself, just as good) is the best stress reliever ever invented.

Need more than bubbles to stoke the fires of your genius?

How’s ’bout a whirl around Wonderland? Look no further than Meg’s Mad Hatter Project due to start in a couple of weeks on October 15th.

You can also get a glimpse into Wonderland on Meg’s Pinterest board dedicated to all things Wonderland-full.

If you want to swim with the Mermaids and Mermen, there’s still time to sign up for the group PLUNGE. Would love to have you with me on this maiden journey.

All my love + wishing you glorious bubble-blowing, mind-blowing sex and all the adventures in Wonderland your heart can stand.


P.S. Here’s more info about Meg’s Mad Hatter Project:

An associative learning experience, that is fun and practical. Increase your brains ability to connect the dots and retain information. Utilizing right and left brain techniques, visual and audial cues and association with content connected in your mind since childhood (Alice in Wonderland) you are able to increase your intellect and specifically that function connecting intellect to creativity. But enough of the technical.

What you get:

21 Days of Delicious Emails to get those Neurons firing and those juices flowing delivered conveniently into your inbox.


That’s what she said: a Daily quotation setting the tone for todays brain candy. (ahem… from the works of Mr. Lewis Caroll of course)

Mazes & Mandalas: some right brain love

Musical musings: a suggested serenade for your brains workout

Curiouser & Curiouser: A quirky factoid that will make you the most interesting person in the room at your next cocktail party

Brain Candy: a problem to be solved and you will solve it (perhaps with a little help from the MadHatters group)

Eat Me: a Nano bite of friendly brain food

You also get:

Access to the brilliant forum of other Madhatters for plotting schemes and sharing wisdom. This ain’t your Mama’s Facebook group. This is an invite only group within the private WONDERLAND. Super Duper access to me, Total group bonding, no clogged facebook account. It is truly a place to hang your fantastic Top Hat.

3 check in videos by me your fearless leader, encouraging you to keep calm and carry on or to at least paint the roses red.

And after the fantastic journey you will receive The MadHatter’s tea party a compiled E-book of the glorious e-course you just took.

Now before you get overwhelmed, this course is designed to take anywhere from 5-10 mins daily.

Get the full scoop of goodness here:

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