Branding is Healing: Mermaid Pamela Chen

For the next month I’m featuring beautiful, soulful entrepreneurs who consciously use mythological motifs in their marketing and branding to call in their tribes and heal the world.

My first interview today is with Pamela Chen, author and Soul Beauty Coach … and of course, she’s a mermaid!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pamela for at least a year now. She worked with me one on one and in my group programs Enchant and Bewitch where I was able to give her some of my marketing with mythological archetypes-style wisdom.

Her brand is elegant, magical, beguiling and of course HEALING.

1. When did you become the mermaid goddess that you are today?

I think I’ve always had a feeling that I was magical (I love fairytales – The Little Mermaid was definitely my top favorite movies) + I started diving into my mystical side when I was only 18 years old. Moving to Las Vegas really sparked things up for my magical path, there’s an amazing network of spiritual people in Vegas – it’s where I found my first mentor.

2. How did you receive the siren call?

My siren call to being a mermaid? I totally connected with Doreen Virtue’s Mermaid 101 book. Everything I read was like, that’s so me!

3. Favorite mermaids and myths and stories?

My favorite mermaid myth is the earliest known mermaid form, the Syrian goddess Atargatis, where she dove into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the lake’s powers would not permit her to completely transform. Only her lower half sprouted the tail. I believe Starbucks’ logo was derived from her – look how successful they are! Who doesn’t love Starbucks? Thats the power, charm + allure of the mermaid.

Pamela Chen

4. You are a beauty and self-care mermaid … tell us more about how you work and how you use the mermaid myth in your marketing.

I’m reconstructing my branding right now + I realized that beauty and self-care is only part of it. My muse has been shoveling ideas into my brain and for the past week I’ve been working nonstop! So, what I really want – after hours of digging into my psyche – is to enchant women to break free of their spell + fall back in love with life. I inspire women around their 30’s, which is one of the major transformative stages of our lives, to get unstuck with their life challenges + move forward to MAGICALLY create successful + abundant opportunities, that never existed before. So that they can live their life in ELEGANCE.

I love using the energy of the mermaid in my programs! As a women it’s easy for us to accept + connect to the sensual, feminine energy that is the mermaid. It’s important for us to remember that we all hold the MAGIC within. It might be hidden, but that’s what your Mermaid Guide + Coaches like me + Kris is for! My favorite is manifesting with mermaid energy and taking my clients through a guided visualization as a mermaid.
(You can check that out in her book on Amazon, Introduction to Magical Creatures: Unicorns, Mermaids, & Fairies)

5. What are you up to these days? What’s coming up that you want people to know about?

Oh, so many amazing things are coming up! Like I said, Im trying to type out + create as fast as I can all that my muse is downloading into me. I have a new book coming up, The 4 Soul Beauty Archetypes: The Secret to a Successful Life of Elegance. In this book I will introduce the 4 Soul Beauty Archetypes: Goddess, Queen, Maiden, + Dreamer and how every women can learn to work with these energies.

Sofia Wren (a fellow mermaid goddess) + I are working on more videos, possibly a mermaid summit – which of course you will be in! I am also trying to create my own videos … after I dye my hair purple, so be on the look out for that!

Also polishing my other programs + retreats! I will have a new brand launch when all this happens…

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.11.45 AM

Pamela Chen enchants women to break the spell + fall back in love with life. She inspires women to get unstuck in their life challenges and move forward to magically create successful + abundant opportunities, that never before existed. So that they can live their lives in elegance.

Pamela worked successfully with many types of women in different industries – from business women trying to find love + housewives searching for a passionate career – find their happily ever after.

And when she’s not designing her next VIP retreats + programs – you can find her enjoying in her Afternoon Delights: reading paranormal romance – watching paranormal movies (mostly vampires, witches, + werewolves. Yes, a Twilight + Harry Potter fan), doing pirouettes in her ballet class, twisting like a pretzel in her 6:45am Ashthanga yoga class + coloring her hair like a mermaid.

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