Branding is Healing: Sofia Wren, Mermaid BodyMindSpirit Healer, Coach and Teacher.

GODDESS_PORTRAIT_sqSofia was my third PLUNGE client wayyy back in 2013. When she shared her story, I began to understand even more what my dream clients needed the most: an accepting soul with the capacity to listen deeply and a savvy marketer rolled into one person.

The PLUNGE became the vehicle for me to organically fuse together my metaphysical and marketing gifts.

Sofia and I worked together to find the threads that wove her business + brand into a coherent story.

The result: she created a brand that continues to inspire her audience.

1. Sofia, you are a mermaid for sensitive souls who are struggling with low energy and who want to stop people pleasing and step into their power.

Yes! I empower sensitive women who want to crack into new levels of divine happiness, but they are conscious of living patterns over and over again in their relationships that keeps them stuck and worn down. It could be unclear how to get to their unique vision and dreams without disappointing anyone because their hopes for the future are totally unique– it’s so THEM, or could be. No one is quite like ’em and that creates fear and uncertainty because they love being a part of community.

Sometimes the confusion, going in circles, fear, and uncertainty that keeps solopreneurs stuck in a rut has to do with the way their parents lived or wounds from past relationships. Everything is tied together for my clients– their life purpose, their money, their creativity, their desire to help others, their success, their health and happiness. We look at it all and I help guide women towards the real guiding light– their spirit’s voice, their intuition, and the unconditional love of God Goddess the Universe.

Many drawn to me are natural healers, coaches, teachers, writers or other creative goddesses who are so close, but so stressed out by other people’s opinions that they can’t be free to give their gift! People pleasing, holding back and working like other people do cause the drain of energy, and believe it or not leaning into the scary is the solution! With my help it’s more exciting than scary 😀

I love helping sensitive women find their power–intuitive, creative, professional, personal– because they end up helping more people, and the waves of positive change wash over the world!

2. How did this calling come to you?

OMGoddess, It’s been a wild ride—bit of a long story ahead. I originally wanted to be a diplomat, explore different cultures and bring new cooperation in the world. By the end of my years at Bryn Mawr College I was so jaded about politics, and felt like I’d have to pretend to be someone else to succeed. I’m not a fighter! I can’t do politics or law, what was I thinking? I thought I’d grow out of being sensitive, but I only felt more so. I wasn’t going to try to be someone else, because I knew I’d just be miserable. That’s when I entered the scary phase of trying to be more ME than I ever had before.

I took some time out in Americorps service teaching in middle school, and there again I felt like my sensitivity kept me locked in unhappiness, drain and fatigue from my job. Meanwhile my relationships were a hot mess. My life was so filled with fear and terror in this transition, I had to be ME and throw up some boundaries but then several close friends pulled away, and I still felt used up and mistreated. I just couldn’t shake the pattern.

Figuring out how to survive, forget thrive, as a sensitive woman, became my #1 mission. Along the way I had adventures exploring myself as a full human being. I took a challenge from a friend to take control by becoming a Dominant Woman in the Philly BDSM scene. See my forthcoming book From Girl to Goddess about that wild story. I wrote novel manuscripts-plural, I recorded myself playing instruments, I sang in front of 250 people, I studied as a High Priestess and of course— I claimed my inner mermaid 😀 I allowed myself to love the goddesses and spirituality again, that irresistible pull I had squelched as a teenager. I knew I had to completely flip my entire life to find wholeness, the half life did not work anymore! I remembered my witchiness, and started to value my inner dreamer.

I realized I loved helping people heal one to one in Americorps so I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. That was a bootcamp training in using my intuition, creating safe spaces and holding strong boundaries for my clients. I began to fine tune my ability to sooth emotions and relieve pain or stress. I love acupressure, which I use with clients still as a mindbodyspirit healer and EFT practitioner.

Each massage became a spiritual experience of being present and listening to what was not said. After my Reiki training, I wanted to go deeper, to help people change their lives more through teaching, inspiration, and empowerment. And so I trained more deeply in intuitive development, and spiritual coaching. I realized how intuitive and sensitive I’d always been, and started using spiritual tools every day to avoid picking up other people’s stuff so I could live my own life. AND once I had boundaries, miracles started happening finally, deep healing took me, finally! It’s the key to everything, baby!

Now I teach those techniques that changed my life in my Sacred Armor eCourse: Creating Better Boundaries for Sensitive Women.

I’ve been tested accurate and trained as Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant (Psychic), and read Tarot and Oracle Cards Professionally!

I’ll be Certified as a Law of Attraction Coach as of this week. And I now also use acupressure over distance the mindbodyspirit healing tools to help my clients in business clear the fear and confusion so they can receive money for their gifts. (Together it’s like ordering up miracles at a restaurant.)

All together with the expansion of wellness, creativity and intuition, with applying LOA and healing wounds from the past, it adds up to my Divine Feminine Empowerment Coaching program.

3. You use beautiful relaxing graphics of the ocean and beaches in your brand. How does this help your tribe identify you? How else do you channel the mermaid energy into your marketing?
You are a more subtle mermaid!

Yes I’m the gentle type although I have some hidden sass! My colors are teal and red– like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I love soothing people as well as inspiring them with my passion and enthusiasm. I feel like it’s not just my oceanic-ness, or my stories from “when I as a little mermaid” that help people know who I am, it’s my tone of voice. I try to stay real to how I talk and how I be, ie. smart, sweet, sassy and silly!

I also consciously infuse my site and everything I do with the emotions and energy of the work I want to do in the world. I find people are often attracted to my site and mesmerized with certain pages and they aren’t sure why– that’s because they love the energy! I send it to all of my students and rely on my guidance in meditation to serve them in the highest way.

4. What other myths are you conjuring through your magical brand presence?

Ariel is a mermaid who has to give up her voice temporarily in her journey to step into her power. I took singing lessons on my journey to find my own. I think we have a lot in common that way. She’s teal and red, like my spirit. I feel so alive in the water, it’s like I can do anything. At times I feel like the ocean is my true mother, because mine died when I was three. Ariel and I both are trying to find our unique way in the world without a model.

I also love myths about all goddesses, Sun goddesses are rad, but also the dark goddess, Cerridwen, the Morrighan. I occasionally refer to them when I talk about Cauldrons– the vessel of inspiration for the Druids. As a writer and a creator, inspiration and beauty is what I seek at all times. My cauldron model is my pathway for conscious change and creation of any kind. Everything in life that sucks and hurts and confounds can be stuffed into the cauldron provided by the goddess and transformed into healing elixir. Sensitive people and creatives totally forget about structure, boundaries and so on, so I talk about it as cauldrons or containers– the line of what is included or not, what is good and not ok. It’s so essential for Everything. I can talk about cauldrons for about a billion years.

Totem animals are really important to me especially birds and I often share about my sightings on facebook. Blackbirds and crows especially catch my eye since 2013, and are associated with the Morrighan, goddess of sovereignty, transformation, shapeshifting, witchcraft and spookiness.

I often talk about different archetypes of feminine power drawn from the Tarot as well, I am so obsessed! I have been playing with the cards since I was 12, 15 years ago. I’m a bit of a mix between The Lovers, The World, The Queen of Cups and The Queen of Wands.

5. How does your healing work actually make your brand and marketing more healing and less salesy? (You do this so well!)

Inspiration is one of my strongest avenues of healing so I try to turn everything in my life into a lesson. It’s something I do for my self and then I ride the fear and courage to share with others. I think it’s really important to be open about my discoveries as they happen because I learn them better from teaching, and others can enjoy. It makes me very open hearted and focused on being my best self, and a lot of people get attracted to that. I try to sell myself by being myself– weirdness and all.

Also I feel like from my own journey, I’ve had so many lovely healers charge me money that I know the sale is part of that healing process. I can see the inner commitment of producing that money had to do with my own self worth. Now I don’t want to deny other people that right to decide they are worth it, and I’ve gone through my own healing process around money.

So I see making offers like creating a cool painting–I want people to see it, to know it’s available, and I focus on creating good stuff, the relationships, and service. I listen to the voice of intuition for my next steps. It all happens at the right time. For instance I felt guided to make a prayer to archangel gabriel video to combat mercury retrograde, and then I got an offer to write angel articles for a magazine.

We all have more healing to do, so I know I will always have more to help people with, so I can create a runway of giving in my videos and blogs. I serve that up to my clients and my prospects so I’m in their minds and let Spirit do it’s work, too.

6. What’s coming up for you? What would you like the world to know?

I’ll be running my Sacred Armor eCourse again in the fall. Clients have been telling me it’s like learning how to be a witch, lol. Bascially it’s all about creating your own personal practice of mindbodyspirit techniques that will keep out other people’s energy, create better boundaries and make it easier for you to manifest changes in your own life. It’s also a self discovery and empowerment process, learning to work magic on your own mind and being by tapping into your unique learning, intuitive and elemental styles.

This week a full album of harp music from several years ago made it’s way public– super exhilerating to share these tunes at

I’m doing free Youtube Tarot readings! Check out my blog at and subscribe to the Youtube channel for the weekly readings for sensitive women.

If you’d like some quick inspiration and an infusion of passion you can get your own private 15 minute video reading, which I just brought back at

It’s a great first taste of my work and it can always be supported with Feminine Empowerment Coaching and MindBodySpirit healing down the line if you like my style. I believe in my work so I offer 30 day money back guarantees 😀

It’s an honor to help other women change the way they feel, so they can the world. I’m so shocked honestly with the amazing people the internet brings my way! Thank you Youtube for spreading my offer of friendship to the world. My youtube readings, and edu-tainment videos are my favorite marketing thing ever (thanks Kris Oster for telling me to do it!!)

To help kind, sweethearts to kick more a$$, enjoy life more and help more people after their own deep transformation makes my heart swell. I know this is making a more beautiful world, and the goddess would smile on that.



Sofia Wren Nitchie is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant, mindbodyspirit healer and teacher of the Sacred Armor eCourse. She teaches sensitive and caring women who have a dream of helping others in their unique way, but who struggle with fear, uncertainty, and people pleasing. By using spiritual tools, her clients tap into a better way of living in connection to their personal power, emotional freedom, and their unique voice so they can use their perspective to make the world a better place for all of us. Many of her clients desire to serve more people as teachers, coaches, creatives or healers or they seek clarity and confidence on the path they are meant to walk. Sofia offers accurate Tarot and Oracle card readings, as well as packages with Feminine Empowerment Coaching and MindBodySpirit Healing.

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