Break up with “normal” marketing … a tribute to the Trickster.


It’s April Fools’ week and I have a gift for you.

I wrote the 5th Module for my 12-week playshop Return to Enchantment based on many years of research on our friend the Trickster. I wrote about the Female Trickster too, as you will see when you download the pdf.

There’s way too much of the same ol’ marketing strategies and branding messages bandied about these days. We spend little time thinking about how to shake up our marketing and refresh our branding in ways that awaken and surprise our tribe.

That’s why I’m on a mission this year to figure out more ways to surprise + delight YOU. Tantalize you. And, be a little naughty in the process.

Because we need to have FUN. We need more PLEASURE in our marketing.



A weee reminder that next Monday, April 7th I launch the final live run of my branding/marketing workshop Bewitch: Cast Your Spell to Get the Customers you Crave. You can get all of the details and register HERE.

You’ll show off the “real” you — the raw, enchanting, uncanny, fabulous YOU we’ve all been waiting for — in a safe, encouraging environment.

You’ll know exactly who your dream client is and how to magnetize them with your unique and alluring offers.

This LIVE run of Bewitch is filled to the brim with 6 fascinating modules, 2 live Q&A calls and a seductive virtual haunt (aka: private Facebook group). Expect a few fun surprises too!

It’s not the “normal” sort of branding and marketing course that you see every day.

May the spirit of Trickster be with you,



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