Decide to Shine 2013 :: Twitter Party!


Mark your calendar now: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 6pm PT

How the Twitter Party Works …

Kris (@mythicrhythm on Twitter) will ask you questions and announce prizes for you to win with your answers all during our Twitter party.

How to Participate:
1. On Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 6pm PT come play at Tweet Grid or Tweet Chat (My favorite – to use: sign in to your Twitter account first then go to and hit the “Sign On” button on the top right.)
2. Join the party by tweeting using the hashtag #shine2013.
3. Have fun, meet new friends, get more followers AND win prizes.

During the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party I will be asking you questions relating to your own experiences. To win prizes, all you have to do is let your friends know about the party, answer the questions and retweet good responses using the #shine2013 hashtag! It’s that simple.

You could win one of these fantastic prizes…

That’s over $700 in prizes!

Also …

Before the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party starts make sure you are following:
@mythicrhythm (Ze Hostess)

We want to make sure that you are in the loop for everything that is going on during the party and especially if you win any of the prizes.

Extra Entries …
Tweet about the prize you want to win at the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party to increase your chances of winning a prize.

At the beginning of the party, there will be a prize awarded to a person who helps spread the word about this great party via Twitter.

Write your own tweet or use one of the following examples …

Join us for the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party 1/8/13 at 6pm PST  #shine2013

I’m hoping to win a prize at the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party  #shine2013

Wow, the Decide to Shine 2013 Twitter Party looks awesome! #shine2013

About your SHINE 2013 Ambassadors …

LisaFTPLISA FAULKNER, Siren Institute


Lisa is a curious, joyful educator married to her college sweetheart. Her passion is sharing the life-changing power of sensuality and dance through her mind & body awakening blog, an upcoming anthology & memoir, and workshops to unleash your sexy siren & fuel your feminine fire.

Lisa’s Offer: Join Lisa for a body-based, heart-centered, 28 day workshop of self-appreciation, self-love, self-celebration and self-indulgence (one week each) to unleash the siren within, discover her secrets and fuel her fire. 

What Lisa knows to be undeniably true:
1. Dance, especially sensual movement, transforms. All women need to try it once.
2. Do more of what makes you cry tears of joy. Listen to tears of yearning, they are a sacred call from your soul.
3. Eat more greens for more health and vitality.
4. Choose love.
5. I believe in the power of presence (from my I believe in pink manifesto:

kateTPKATE FISHER, Daily Tarot Girl

Facebook page:
YouTube channel:
Twitter: (Twitter name @TarotKate)

Sign up for Kate’s FREE daily Tarot readings.

Kate (aka The Daily Tarot Girl) is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Writer, Dancer and Life Coach. She combines her love for reading Tarot with her desire to bring more light into the world through her daily Tarot reading blog. Kate feels powerfully drawn to share her knowledge of Tarot card reading to inspire others to use their Tarot cards for personal and spiritual growth.

Kate’s giving away 5 copies of her 2013 Tarot Workbook!

5 things Kate knows to be undeniably true:
1. Freedom is delicious!
2. We are here to co-create an amazing world to live in together.
3. “Your power ends where your fear begins” (quote from one of Barbra Marciniak’s books)
4. We are all pregnant with books, music, creations and ideas just waiting to be born!
5. Cats are the purest embodiment of the rebel-spirit!

jeanineTPJEANINE BRANDI, JB Photography
blog ‘cultivate design’:
twitter @jbrandiphoto

Jeanine Brandi is a documentary photographer, with an interest in landscape, food and farms. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration Photography from Syracuse University. After traveling and gaining experience in photography, she found a growing passion for the landscape. Deciding to go back to school, she earned a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Now she is focused on using her photography to tell stories of small farms and how the local food economy can encourage health and community.

Jeanine is giving away one of her prints. She’ll have three options for you to choose from.

5 of Jeanine’s undeniable truths:
1. I believe that photography is an important medium for transmitting information and telling stories.

2. … there are lots of interesting landscape stories that need to be told; especially the stories of small farms.

3. … that the power of a strong image is even more valuable with the excess of imagery and digital photography available today.

4. … that beautiful images can help people to connect with the natural world around them, something that is becoming increasingly rare.

5. … that if people are inspired by local food it will strengthen our community bonds to each other and to the earth.

KrisTPKRIS OSTER, Mermaid-preneur, Founder of

Welcome to my world, Beguiling One. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

Kris Oster, Ph.D. is a writer, drummer, business coach and Mermaid-preneur who loves to help soulful creatives discover their hidden treasures, so they can release them into the world for healing, fulfillment and wild profitability!

PRIZES from Kris: 3 FREE spots for her 5-week eCourse Sales & Soul: The Easy and Graceful Path to Business Bliss. Begins THIS WEEK!


2 copies of The Goddess Guide to Business Bliss: A Digital Sanctuary for Women.

What Kris believes to be undeniably true:
1. There is an unseen world all around us that holds untold riches + miracles.
2. I believe there’s a very fine line between mythology + reality —
 between fantasy + fabulous business design.
3. The deeper you dig, the easier it will be to access your hidden treasures.
4. You came to this planet to shine brightly.
5. You are meant to thrive in every aspect of your life. Always.

mariaTPMARIA SCHONDER, Harmony Nutrition

Maria Schonder, also known as the ‘vegetable whisperer’, discovered the magic of food at a young age. As the daughter of a Greek immigrant (Opa!), the Mediterranean diet is the foundation of her food philosophy- seasonal, fresh, unrefined, and local are the norm.

Maria’s primary goal is to empower individuals to make food choices that support their own particular needs while having fun in the process.

She is the owner of Harmony Nutrition, holds a Master in Science in Health and Nutrition Education, is a Certified Natural Chef, and is the Nutrition Therapist at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospitals Brain Fitness Center.
Maria’s offer: Free Clean 3 Ebook through January 10th! Over 85 pages of the clean livin’ guidebook I created to accompany my wildly successful in person Santa Barbara workshop. Lots of down-to earth Nourishment Education plus more than 20 recipes and easy tips to create your own yummy spa experience at home.
($27 value).

What Maria knows to be undeniably true:
1. Your relationship with food mirrors your relationship with yourself.
2. How you eat is just as important as what you eat.
3. Getting to know your body through the adventure of food can be really fun and eye-opening!
4. Life is meant to be delicious.
5. There is no ‘wrong’. It’s time to compost the word “diet”

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