Don’t buy into the Summer slowdown!


Here are some questions I hear a lot about that entrepreneurial myth of how hard it is to make money over the summer…

“How do I keep my momentum over the Summer and not burn out when Fall hits?” asked one of my clients.

Another asked, “What will my tribe want to sign up for during the Summer so I’m not spinning my wheels?”

Contrary to the belief that it’s impossible to make money over the Summer season, I’ve seen first hand that there a multitude of ways to bring in an abundance of moolah. Just focus on selling the “right” stuff.

Here are my top tips for cooling your jets over the Summer without losing all the traction from the past six months.

Summer is a wonderful time to review what has worked for you in your biz so far this year. You can amplify and replicate your most successful programs and marketing to make the most of the rest of the year. And, scrap anything that wasn’t fulfilling to your soul or your bottom line.

Take 2 hours to a full weekend to treat yourself to a business review retreat. Gather your other like-minded entrepreneurial friends or do it solo.

I wrote a blog post about how to create your own biz review retreat, along with my Q3 planning workbook. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

I too revere the time-honored tradition of taking it EASY in the Summer; basking my tail in the sparkling sun and dipping my entire consciousness in the cooling waters of repose are the means to my prolific creativity.

I want to share my list of top-selling Summer offers for you, right here, right now.

  1. Retreats in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere :: It doesn’t matter whether you do a business planning retreat, writing retreat, converging with your inner greek goddess retreat … make it an affair emphasizing bliss, rejuvenation and beauty and you will sell out.
  2. Spa “VIP” days :: For my healer/spiritual coachy and intuitive reader friends, hold local or even virtual events where your clients can enjoy your revitalizing talents at a group rate. Invite some of your favorite colleagues who offer different healing/intuitive gifts than your own. They will invite their clients and friends and all will benefit … and leave perfectly pampered.
  3. Books + eBooks :: Everyone wants a great read as they’re traveling or relaxing by the pool. Run a bundle sale for your books. Do a pre-sale event for the book you’re almost ready to publish.
  4. eCourses :: Everyone, including me, is addicted to eCourses. Pull one of your most popular online courses out of the archives, refresh it and voila! No blood and sweat needed because the hard work is already done. Write a few blog posts around the topic of your course, rejig the marketing a bit and LAUNCH. Ka-ching!
  5. Limited-run 2-3 month programs :: This is a Summer only offering. It could be a customized one-on-one or group program. Pick your poison: Love/relationship, money, sex, food, fitness, healing, or spiritual. Any of these topics will do, but the first three will always sell out.

As you can see, the belief that you can’t make money in the Summer is complete B.S.

Capitalize on the summer months to keep your momentum and create your most profitable autumn.


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