Entrepreneur Tarotcast for August 2016: The Lion Roars!


I’m pleased to share with you the Entrepreneur Tarotcast for August 2016…feel free to post your questions for me in the comments below.

Card 1: Overall Theme
Ten of Swords

Endings. This month is a big wake up call. Sometimes the truth will feel so harsh, it will break your heart. This is because you are purifying and raising your energy so much that your sensitivity is reaching new heights.

Learn to not judge these moments as good or bad. Let the tears (and laughter) flow – don’t try to hold your emotions back because the sooner you purge them the faster you’ll release the blocks and anything that is holding you back from the life and fulfillment you are wishing for.

What needs to end so you can truly move forward with all of your heart and energy?

Card 2: Challenges
The Sun

You are a radiant being. You are successful, loved and content already. You already have everything you need – but perhaps you’re not SEEING it.

The Sun is a beautiful eye, watching over you throughout the day; the eye of Ra from Egypt or God. See yourself from a higher perspective … get out of the trenches and stop fighting yourself.

Whatever endings and disappointments you encounter this month are covering the sun, like dark clouds. So you are challenged to BELIEVE, TRUST and SEE without tangible proof. Be CREATIVE and PROCREATIVE (literally and figuratively). This may be a time when you’re so fertile, active and creative that you may feel like there’s too much.

Have faith in who you truly are deep within your soul. Let that shine out in front of you.

It will light your way. It will spotlight your beauty, talent and grace so more abundance will come to you through people who are able to nourish and uplift you.

Also, the Sun card is a reminder to take exquisite care of your body, the temple of the soul. Exercise, rest, eat pure and think pure. Meditate. Get out into nature and absorb the life-giving prana of the trees, lakes, ocean, mountains.

What beauty and grace and success do you ALREADY have? Why are you holding back your light, your radiance?

Card 3: Support
Queen of Swords

She is the ultimate truth serum. This Queen knows how to wield the sword of truth and discern what is needed and what needs to be left behind.

Take clear and decisive actions and you will feel transformed.
Decide what YOU want. You already have the capacity to consider those around you, but now it’s the time to move on those projects and plans that have been floundering due to your inner (and possibly outer) lack of commitment.

She is asking you to commit to the truth and take fair and just actions to move forward.

Are you committed to the truth?
Or are you simply floating around in wishful thinking land?

Card 4: Fears
Ace of Wands

This card marks the beginning of something forceful, creative and high-action. It’s so interesting that the overall theme is endings – and of course a new beginning is waiting in the wings.

It’s possible that since this beginning is in it’s most potent, fertile space that it can be so intense, and frightening.

The ideas are rising fast and furious – and everything feels out of control. This is the life-force that has been bottled up for so long and must be released so you can birth into your new form.

You will be stronger and have more energy than you have had in a long time. Go for it!

Are you being confronted with an overwhelming wave of creativity and ideas?

How can you step into your new form without scaring the shit out of yourself?

Card 5: Action
Four of Pentacles

Prudence. Not overspending your money, energy or time. You don’t want to burn out this month, especially with cards like the Sun and Ace of Wands. Lots of heat.

Stay practical and balanced – know your money, time and energy budget and stick to those boundaries.

Also, a warning here to not become stingy either. Generosity is always a good medicine. Give what you can of your resources without tapping yourself out, of course.

Keep an eye on the money, so to speak, but don’t become a Scrooge about it!

Are you aware of your time, money and energy budgets?

Are you clinging too much or holding back out of fear that there isn’t enough to give?

Card 6: Outcome
King of Pentacles

We are being watched over by the nurturing, stable Father figure, The King of Earth.

This King already knows he is abundant. He is so successful (on his own terms) that he can give to others and help them also achieve their dreams.

Step up into your own King of Earth power. He represents mastery of life and livelihood. And he also knows when to stop and luxuriate in nature, sensuality and all the good things that are within his realm.
I take this as another sign of our connection to Mother Earth and being her guardian as well.

In this month of immense transformation, with all of the heat generated, we can be cool, calm, practical and generous. We can know our limits and be humble. We can nourish ourselves and others.
August will be the month of power – it is ruled by the number 8, infinity.
Leo is the ruling astrological sign of the coming season and its planet is the Sun.

Celebrate who you are becoming because now that you’ve ended what needed to be put to rest, you can begin to see the light of what’s to come.

Stay in the mode of positive expectation – and admit that you don’t know exactly how everything will shake out.

But for once, your faith and trust in the Higher powers feel close. Destiny is calling and you’re ready to take the leap when the right opportunity presents itself.

Have a great month and hold tight. September looks like it will be incredible!


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