Entrepreneur Tarotcast for September 2016


The pen is mightier that the sword, your word is your magic wand.

Think of Harry Potter – the best sorcerer in his class and the most able to inspire love and loyalty within his circle of friends.

Stay strong and believe in your value, no matter what. You have so much to give. Bring on the light this month my friends!

The full detailed reading is below:

Card 1: Overall Theme

The Magician

This month the pen is mightier than the sword, your word is your wand.

When the Magician shows up it’s time to pull together your powers of persuasion … of course, without the sleazy, used car salesman tactics.

The public will eat up your words and won’t be able to get enough. You are weaving a seductive brew that makes people believe in their own power and value.

You serve best by using your power to help others find the good in themselves.

Think of Harry Potter and how much he loved his Hogwarts friends; they were his true family. Harry always made others feel special and important, and rarely put himself first. His friends were loyal, fought evil by his side, and were willing to die with him!

Like Harry you may make a few new friends from strange places. They will have gifts to offer you.
Expect the unexpected and watch the magic unfold in your business.

Card 2: Challenges

The Moon

September’s eclipses (on September 1st and 16th) are hinted at here. The power of Luna is going to bring on some lunacy this month.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, the facts dissolve into the mists of the silvery moon. Truth and information will elude you this month like quicksilver running through your fingers.
Change. More change. And yes, more and more change.

We are in for a wild ride my sweet friends.

Do your best to stay on the horse … in fact, let that horse do the leading. If you allow your gut instincts and heart whispers to guide you this month you will come out victorious.

Card 3: Support

Knight of Pentacles

This is the guy who goes the extra mile for you again and again.

Things are changing like crazy, yet there is a steadfast source of support coming to you.

But mostly, YOU are resourceful. You are the source of your strongest resources.

Invite a slow, languid evolution to take place in your life. See the big picture and dream in full color – and, at the same time keep your feet firmly on Terra Firma. Put one foot in front of the other.

Be methodical. Be trustworthy and impeccable with your word. With Mercury in retrograde until September 21st, being extra clear and transparent can save you pain in the long run.

Card 4: Fears

9 of Swords

Sleep issues? I’m not surprised if already this month you are waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious or worried.

Anxiety or weird encounters with oddball characters in your dreams may happen more than once this month. Your psyche is in a state of release. With change and transformation happening in your inner and outer worlds at such a rate, it’s no wonder that you may have trouble falling or staying asleep.
Stay away from negative news or media before going to sleep. Take a hot bath with sea salt and lots of lavender oil to calm your nerves in the evening. Lower your intake of stimulants such as caffeine throughout the day. Get lots of fresh air – get outside!! And exercise.

I know I sound like your pain-in-the-ass healthnutty friend, but ya know I’m right. And the cards don’t lie!

How can you be a magnificent and affluent entrepreneur if you feel like a grumples all day long from lack of proper rest? Can’t make magic if you’re feeling cranky and negative.

Plus, dark circles are so not SEXY.

Card 5: Action

8 of Cups

Time to say goodbye, call it quits in regards to an old project, biz partner or employer.
There is some sadness you’re feeling about this parting, but if you don’t walk away, the new and more appropriate opportunities can’t come in.

If something, such as a project or a partner, keeps leaving you feeling unsatisfied or disappointed, know that it’s good to walk away. Yes, some feelings may be hurt, but ultimately you’re helping the other party move on to where they can apply their energies into someone or something that is exciting for them too!

Follow your passion! If you’re feeling in the dumps, tap into what brings you joy and go with that.
And,if you’re experiencing burnout this is a BIG sign to go on a retreat and spend time contemplating your next move.

Card 6: Outcome

7 of Swords

To be 100% transparent, this is not the card I wanted to see for the outcome this month, especially with our strong theme of the Magician archetype.

I don’t want to paint a rosy picture to counteract the negative qualities of this card because it came up for a reason. But, I do believe in silver linings….

You are powerful and magical this month. This has come up loud and clear throughout the reading.
Sometimes people get jealous and want your brand of magic and power because they don’t see the value in their own. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Someone may rip off or simply use your ideas and materials and pass them off as their own, or not give you due credit. It could be done consciously or unconsciously. Either way, it feels shitty because it has happened to me numerous times. It quite possibly has happened to you too.

Or, someone could put you down in front of an important person you respect, in a competitive, icky way. They may simply want to steal the limelight from you, or worse snag that promotion out from under ya.

Sure, you can hide under a rock (or your light under a bushel), but you could miss the opportunity to serve those people who will be lit up by your spark. Don’t let this make you paranoid, rather deal with it head on if it does happen.

Speak up. Let them know how they wronged you and take action as needed.

And finally move on!

Another tendency to overcome this month is comparisonitis. Really hard for entrepreneurs, I know. Just. Don’t. Go. There. It’s a waste of the precious energies and blessings you are going to receive this month.

I had to pull another card – one that represents the lesson behind the 7 of Swords – and it was The Hierophant.

You are the leader of your own revolution. Be proud, shine that soul light of yours because you have so much to give. People will follow you and you will be thrust into the teacher or mentor role.
Keep sharing your good work in the world, no matter the naysayers, competition, copycats and other shady characters who show up on your doorstep.

You are moving up in the world and this attracts the light AND the dark.

Go forth with your magic, your words, and create a new world that brings healing and a deeper connection to the Divine for all to enjoy!


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