Goddess Aligned: Transform your Energetics & Live in Serendipity

💭 Imagine:

☀️ You wake up Monday morning feeling calm. Feeling in your element.

🕶️ You look down at your phone and there’s a message from me:
“Your goddess has sent you this transmission today…”

…because I record a Weekly Energy Upgrade Channeling for you on each Monday (or some Tuesdays when the Monday is a holiday).

✨ As you listen to this message, potent frequencies raise your vibration and your aura expands. You become magnetic to serendipities popping everywhere.

✨ Amazing, fun, lucky events just happen naturally and it’s actually no big deal. Just a day in your beautiful life that you love.

🤗 When you desire a pick-me-up to realign and catalyze your power, you send me a message over Voxer or WhatsApp or Text and tell me what you’re feeling – fear, anger, sadness, numbness, joy, shock, delight, or surprise. You tell me your stories: the good, bad and the ugly. You share your wins and celebrations, big and small.

💖 You feel relieved that you know that you have ME in your corner and that you can tell me anything about ANYTHING and I will be clear and unbiased.

💖 You feel safe, heard and held.

🏖️ If this sounds like the idyllic day you want to live & work in and you’d love to have my support – along with a direct psychic hotline to the goddess who wishes to come forward to embrace you, let’s do this!

👑 Goddess Aligned:
Transform your Energetics & Live in Serendipity

1-1 Mentorship in a 3 month or 6 month container.
**2 Spots available**

We meet over phone or Zoom 2 times per month for 45 minutes to review your progress and in these sessions we will do quantum healing work with many different modalities: Theta Healing, Reiki, Ritual Work, EFT (Tapping), Oracle/Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy.

Goddess Aligned 1-1 Mentorship also entails a delicious menu of services for you to choose from:

🌺 Month 1: 1 x 2023 Astrology Reading.

A recorded reading where I give all of the major transits of the year and how they directly relate to your personal chart.

🌺 Month 2: 1 x Human Design Reading.

Human Design is a system that combines the chakras with astrology, astronomy, the iChing and it’s an incredible system of wisdom for gaining greater insight into:

*Your Soul’s higher purpose
*Your optimal work in the world
*Accessing greater health and energy
*Being of the greatest service possible to yourself and others
*How to make wise decisions based on who you truly are and what is most important to you

🌺 Month 3: 1 x Akashic Record Reading.

In this session I will unravel all the karmic energies that are hindering your soul’s progress in this lifetime. We will also jump timelines to access your future self’s new light codes and DNA activation.

🌺 Month 4: 1 x Personalized Cacao Ceremony w/Rose Petal Mandala.

Together, we’ll create a sacred space for the heart opening plant medicine which offers you the opportunity to tap into your higher consciousness to receive love, light, wisdom & guidance.

Together, we will call in the “spirit of cacao” inviting the feminine goddess to support us on our journey, as we elevate the mind, body & spirit through creative combinations of intention setting, guided meditation, LIVE sound healing, shamanic journeying, mantra, mudra, visualization and more!

🌺 Month 5: Personal Altar Puja & Crystal Grid Creation for your Goddess Soul.

I will help you craft a beautiful altar in your space to dedicate to your daily meditation and goddess practice through a “puja” (not necessarily a strict, traditional puja in the Hindu style) and a crystal grid creation ceremony. I get the supplies and you can build your crystal grid however you like. Then we dedicate it along with your altar space. We are essentially creating a magical portal for you to access the manifestation energy of your goddess.

🌺 Month 6: New Story Session & Embodiment Ritual.

We will work with your Core Archetypal Energies and weave a mythic story of your new magical life. I will lead you through a sealing ritual to re-birth yourself and your new life story into the practical, here-and-now reality.

Note: The order of the services provided is my recommendation. You are welcome to mix and match any of the 6 menu items in the 3 month or 6 month container.

If you’d love to jump in and be supported now, let’s talk. Schedule a complimentary Mythic Map session & chat to see if Goddess Aligned is a good fit for you.


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