Got business growing pains? No problem. I’ve got remedies!

After having 10 virtual coffees with many of my newsletter readers, I have identified 4 areas where my expertise can be of most assistance:

  1. Not sure what to prioritize in your business and need a solid plan to follow for social media, email marketing, joint ventures, content creation and relaxation time.
  2. Not feeling confident about who your ideal client is.
  3. Not sure of the right language that will speak to your ideal client. (need to answer number 2 first to even move on to this question.)
  4. Not feeling confident about your offers (particularly the sequence and timing) and pricing.

How I can help:

  1. I’ll address problem #1 in my upcoming episode of From Stuck to Supernatural … we’re shooting a few episodes now, so they’ll be floating your way with a bit more consistency. I can also do this with you in a Plunging Biz Plan session, which runs about 3 hours on the phone or Skype. You receive your 6 month plan within 24 hours. ($275) Register for your Plunging Biz Plan session today and we’ll get you moving with a real marketing, content and offer plan ASAP!
  2. I’ll address problems #2 and #3 in my coaching program Prosperous Creativity. If you’d like to take a 1 week group tour of Prosperous Creativity, the next one embarks on May 5th. You’ll gain clarity about who your ideal client is and how to speak to them effectively. ($37 for the 1 week group tour) Register now before this event fills up!
  3. If you’re plagued by problem #4, not feeling confident about your offers and pricing, register for your Plunging Biz Plan session today so you can get unstuck and soar.
  4. If you’re saying, “Well, I have problems with #1 through #4,” dive into one of my full day retreats Release Your Inner Mermaid Soul. The next in-person retreat is on May 4th at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, CA and I have 5 spots left ($679). The virtual edition of this retreat will be held on June 1st and there are 10 spots available ($179).

And, if you’d like to book a 30 minute virtual tea/coffee, I’m opening them up again in May. I’ll let you know when I’m taking appointments.

With love + deep gratitude,


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