Higher Ground Member Spotlight: Lisa Frenette


Why did you decide to join HG in 2019 and how did you think the course would help you with your business?

I came to find out about Higher Ground when Kris contacted me back in January 2018 when she was looking to hire a virtual assistant (VA) and editor. She told me all about her biz and her goals to help women grow in business while still embracing their femininity. I could tell right away that she has a passion for what she does, and I was immediately excited to assist her!

How did HG help your business grow and/or improve in 2019?

Through my work with Kris and assisting the members of Higher Ground, my business has grown in some really fun ways. I have met women that I otherwise would have never met, and I gained new clients and exciting projects. Networking with likeminded individuals is a wonderful way to grow your business and my work with Kris and Higher Ground has provided me with wonderful opportunities to do so.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from looking to other women who are involved in the same field as I am. As an editor, copywriter, and VA, I have many people that I use as inspiration for my goals, business objectives, and personal dreams. To me, my work is about helping other entrepreneurs find their message and communicate that message to their target audience. My work is about helping others streamline their communications and business tasks so that they can enjoy focusing on their clients and the pleasure their business brings. Thus, I think it is very important to always look for inspiration in this field of work since I am helping others achieve their own dreams.

 How do you stay motivated to achieve your dreams/goals when life is challenging?

I find meditation is a big help when life gets stressful. Sometimes I can lose sight of my bigger dreams when the day-to-day tasks start to become all-consuming (as I am sure many other people experience as well!) Meditation helps me to stay grounded and bring my focus back onto what is important. I also love walking my dog and getting out in nature. It is amazing how a little time outdoors can make a huge difference in perspective.

What areas of your life/business do you want to continue to grow in?

My goal is to continue growing my client list and expanding my experience in different genres and mediums. I enjoy working with a variety of different types of people and gaining new knowledge from working with them. Everyone has something to teach us, and my goal is to continue learning while I help others through my business.

I am so grateful to have met Kris and have her in my life! It truly was divine timing from the universe that we met, and I am excited to continue to work and grow with her!

I encourage you to check out Lisa’s business offerings and services, and learn more about her passion for helping other entrepreneurs, by visiting her website scribbleediting.com 

You can also find Lisa + Scribble Editing on social media:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scribble.editing

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/scribbleediting/



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