How I learned to gracefully drop the f-bomb at I Can Do It, Ignite!

At 85 years old, Louise Hay is one hot lady. She created a self-help empire and continues to grow her brand every year. She recently opened Balboa Press to help people self-publish their self-help books. She’s brilliant, beautiful and rich. I love it!

Even more evidence of her a genius was the rip-roaring success of last weekend’s I Can Do It, Ignite conference in San Jose.

This was not your mother’s or your grandmother’s I Can Do It conference.

The format was along the lines of TedTALKs – brief, enlivening talks, one after the other of amazing speakers. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Louise + Cheryl Richardson and Kris Carr all had 1.5 to 3 hour speaking times while the other speakers had 20 minutes each.

Besides the new format, Louise did something I’ve never seen her do before: she dropped the f-bomb! Woweee! Yeah girl! She also proceeded to pull items out of her bra; one of the presenters said she had a veritable CVS pharmacy in there. Have a headache? She’ll reach in and pull out some Advil.

I took copious notes during the presentations and each time a presenter used a “colorful” word or phrase, I wrote it down. Here’s the list of words I heard:

Fuck, shit, holy shit, crap, dick, boner, horny, asshole, damn.

I was delighted with speaker Alisa Vitti, founder of whose entire platform is about
women’s reproductive functioning. She freely used the words vagina, uterus, menses, menstrual. She also told women to take days off during their bleeding time and create their own Red Tent. This is the time when we are naturally the most contemplative and psychic/intuitive, plus our bodies are focusing energy on releasing the uterine lining. We need extra rest during that time of the month and we should honor our bodies by doing less and napping more. AMEN SISTER!

Now, there were really only two reasons why I drove 4 hours to San Jose in order to attend I Can Do It. 1. Danielle LaPorte, 2. Doreen Virtue. Everything else was gravy.

Danielle LaPorte is the Business Goddess of Divine Creative Eruptions. After getting her Spark Kit (now retired, but you can pre-order her soon to be released book The Fire Starter Sessions), I’ve created 2 online and 3 live retreats and workshops (the online workshop is nearly full!), 2 new book ideas. Danielle also modeled how to create digital experiences of my workshops and retreats to generate passive income. YEAH!

During her talk about the Strategy of Desire, the cornerstone of her work, she said she prayed to Jesus and acknowledged her angels. Her work is revolutionary in that she tells you to do less (only the important stuff that makes you radiate with joy) to make more money and live life on your own terms. Truly powerful stuff.

The entire weekend went by and I never saw her. I wanted to meet her in person BADLY. So, I did what I think Doreen Virtue would tell me to do: ask God and the angels for help. “Dear Goddess (yes, I pray to Her) and angelic beings who surround me now and always, I really want to meet Danielle LaPorte so I can tell her what a impact she has had on my life.” I began to walk toward the door to leave the building and I literally walked right up to where she was standing!

I thanked her and told her she was my idol and how much my business + life have improved in the past 3 months since I discovered her blog and purchased her Spark Kit. And then it happened. I started to tear up. Shit. I know my tears means I’m engaged body + soul in an authentic moment. So I released myself from embarrassment and went with it.

Danielle asked me what I did–and I wished I had practiced my cocktail line that day because I felt like a deer in the headlights. So, tried to pull my emotionally ripping-open self together to stammer out what it is that I do DO. Writing, drumming, empowering women with workshops and retreats. Danielle was so gracious, and asked looking at my name tag, “so Kris Oster, can I find you at” DOH! Nope. Just have my lil’ ol website at (After arriving home, you know I purchased and it’s only a forward now, but I schedule a “re-branding” of myself into my Plan of Greatness calendar.)

She was every bit as wonderful, even more perhaps, than I ever imagined her to be. I take it as part of my life mission to be sure every woman I know, knows who she is and reads her work. is her Temple.

Danielle, you are a Divine Goddess, Holy Emanation of the Sacred Feminine. May you continue to soar. And laugh. And sparkle. A lot!!

In Part 2 of my experience at I Can Do It, I’ll highlight Doreen Virtue and Kris Carr. I’ve got a lot of work to finish and I’m preparing to attend yet another weekend of glorious inspiration and pampering with Lisa Beck at her retreat Awakening the Goddess Within. There are still a few spots left if you are called.

Many blessings,


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