How to be Supernaturally Confident!

Welcome to Episode One of “From Stuck to Supernatural”! Each week I’ll answer one of your burning questions to help you get on the first train out of Stuckville.

Before going into the episode, I first need to thank my SUPERNATURAL husband Shaun. He set up the camera, did the lighting, helped edit, filmed the beautiful ocean waves behind me and wrote the music! I know, I’m sooooo lucky!

On with the show …

Aparna Khanolkar, photo by Lucinda Kinch.

Aparna Khanolkar, photo by Lucinda Kinch.

Today’s question comes from Aparna Khanolkar – How can self-confidence make or break your business, and also where does self-confidence come from?

Self-confidence and trust are the two main ingredients for a thriving business and fulfilled life. True self-confidence comes from knowing without a doubt that you are the best you right now. If you vacillate between confidence and doubt, you’re not alone. It happens to everyone from time to time. Even the most seasoned and pro entrepreneurs go through the doubties.

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