I choose a life of adventure and exploration.

I ask the Divine, where do I need to be today and what do I need to do? Who do I need to be?
The answer is always different, which leaves every day filled with limitless possibilities and freshness.

You do not have to do the same thing every day. That is a choice.

I choose a Love that loves my whole Self with their whole Self, who I in turn can love with my whole Self.

I’m calling to me Love in all of its forms. Yes, Romantic Love and yet something else altogether. Love that transcends even the earthly delights that I adore.

Love can be an invitation into a Soul union that doesn’t even require physical presence. There is nothing more delicious for me than a night of soul-forging love making, and still, I want more.

I choose ***more***.

Maybe that gets to the heart of the matter. Defining the “more” of what I desire in my life is less about money, objects, hot mermen, and the like.

I choose more love. I choose more heart and soul. I choose more integrity. I choose more courage. I choose more fun and laughter. I choose more life and light. I choose more meaning and deeper connections to nature, people, the stars. I choose more depth too. I choose to chart deep, dark uncharted waters. I choose to feel more, and feel it all. I choose more magic.

The choices we make drive our actions in the world – even the small, seemingly insignificant ones. I want to make and spend my money, time and energy on those things and people who are healing to the universe and the earth.

{photo from, by Alia Wilhelm}

What do you choose? Talk to me in the comments below….


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