Incarnate your brand. Some thoughts on magical marketing.

Hello and happy Friday!

As preparation for my bewitching biz retreat in the magical land of Avalon (aka Glastonbury, UK) at the end of this month, I’m reading my book Return to Enchantment again.

And, I have to say, it’s not half bad! I’m really happy that I still love my first book even after two years. LOL!

I’m focusing mostly on the Introduction and Chapter 1, which is all about my branding process and the archetypes of Sovereignty. My retreat is focused on the Queen archetypes, and I’m connecting this to the 9 Morgens of Avalon. Exciting!

I’d like to share an excerpt from the Introduction today that really struck a renewed chord in my heart.


Let us remember that the most valuable resource in our business is not our clients or our brilliant ideas… it is ourselves. Pure, naked.

I invite you to enter the temple of desires + dreams. Wishes. Longings. Sadness. Joy. Empty spaces waiting to be filled.

In deep reverence bow to your Soul, your mirror self in the Otherworlds, who knows you so intimately. No secrets to hide.

Share your intentions with your Soul as you engage with this book. You’ll be spending much more time together. Celebrating. Worshipping.

Welcome Magical Being!

Just knowing you’re here with me to do this work NOW melts my heart open.

I’m so grateful.

I felt the calling to write Return to Enchantment because much of the material in books and courses for entrepreneurs is trendy or ephemeral. I write to lend my art and my ideas to what I hope will be a far-reaching perspective that lives beyond me or you. The ancient myths, stories and fairytales from cultures all around the world are all alive within us. They breathe vibrantly through our brands as Inanna, Demeter, Dionysus, Psyche, Snow White and Yemaya.

Psychologist CG Jung was well aware of the magical function of the imagination. In his writings about the connections between psychology and alchemy, Jung equates essence or quintessence with the imaginative faculties: “Imagination is therefore a concentrated extract of the life forces, both physical and psychic…”

While thinking about the primacy of imagination in my world, my daughter Saraphina’s innocent and engaging stories came to mind immediately. She has a deep inner knowing that she can be anything, or anyone, she wants to be.

As you work with your imagination now, as an adult, connect with your childhood dreams. What were your favorite stories? Enjoy games that you played over and over. Go back to the inner child within your heart.

The operative word here is PLAY.

The imaginative faculty belongs to the heart.

What the eyes can’t see and the brain can’t wrap its head around, the heart knows to be true and real.

One thing I’ve heard nearly all of my clients say is that they wish the world was really magical like that of Harry Potter or Narnia or Snow White.

This perplexed me because I see magic and miracles happening around me all of the time—they are natural, everyday occurrences. We just don’t notice them.

One of the best definitions of magic comes straight from 20th century occultist Dion Fortune: “Magic is the art of causing changes to take place in consciousness in accordance with will.”

Magic has more to do with perception than concretization of thought, e.g., wave your magic wand and turn your ex-lover into a toad. Magic is imaginative, but not imaginary.

Return to Enchantment will help you become conscious of the archetypes in your imaginative psyche that live through you and your brand. You will begin to choose images, both textual and visual, that resonate most for you and your audience.

Using images and words based on the archetypal themes from our most beloved myths, helps our audiences tap into their own yearning to create something eternal.

Whether we are writing marketing copy for a sales page or writing a memoir, we can choose words and images that vibrate with the essence of an archetype to create something healing, beautiful and memorable. The magical essences carried by the stories and archetypes we use invite others into these mystical and enchanted spaces.

In essence, you are conjuring your own brand of sacred magic.

The central idea of my work is to bring spiritual and archetypal energies into the physical realm through our businesses and brands. The objective: bringing Heaven to Earth.

Incarnate your brand.

BTW, I’ve started my website rebrand … and it’s even more RAW. More Pleasure-seeking. More revealing. (New pics by the luminous Lucinda Rae.)

I once did very dramatic rebrands. That just feels unnecessary and unnatural to my organic process.

Branding is a remembering of who you are and who you are becoming.


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