Interview With Journey to the Goddess: Pleasure in Business

Recently, Annalisa Derr, Ph.D candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute and creatrix of Journey to the Goddess, came to Ojai to interview me about why it’s important to infuse our daily life, including our businesses, with sacred pleasure.

We were lucky enough to get permission from Kristina Knapic, owner of the Acacia Mansion to shoot the interview in her historic landmark home, originally built to host spiritual gatherings and pilgrimages for the Theosophical Institute, Krotona.

The Acacia Mansion, known as “Ojai’s Finest Landmark Estate” is a majestic property that was built in 1929. It was bought and refurbished by Kristina Knapic in 2004. Her vision was to restore the mansion and the grounds back to their original state, providing guests with the ability to transport themselves back into another time. The sprawling grounds are full of luxury, complete with “walled gardens, romantic balconies, and secret, meandering paths lined with fragrant jasmine and roses.” Learn more about the beautiful Acacia Mansion HERE.

Sven is the sweetest Alpaca, and is a permanent resident at the Acacia Mansion! He loves to give kisses, as you can see (especially to pretty girls, but he doesn’t refuse the boys either).

Some say that Pleasure and Business make strange bedfellows. I beg to differ. Watch the first part of the Interview series with Annalisa and I to learn WHY.

With love + pleasure unending,


PS. If you’d like to download my Plunge worksheet that teaches you the simple technique for more authentic branding, that is mentioned in this video, click HERE.


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