“Is Your Business Falling Flat?” by Merry Wise

For your reading pleasure, I’m proud to introduce you to Neveah … the wild brainchild of Merry Wise (“neveah” is heaven spelled backwards).

This is the third installment of my special Shadow CEO guest post series.

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Mystical Mel


Do you send out newsletters that rarely get opened?

Does it feel like you’re in a giant stadium, pouring your heart out to the world, but all you hear is crickets?

Do you write away on your site, filling it with tons of loving, helpful information hoping someone will find it and read it?

What are your inner subconscious beliefs while you’re writing for your business (be it a book, web copy or a newsletter)?

Go ahead – take a minute to dig deep and really think about it.

Check in with yourself and really try to touch on those limiting inner beliefs. Maybe you believe the internet is a world wide WEB that already has plenty of Spiders. (Translation: There are a billion people out there already teaching this same message; there’s no way I’ll ever be found.”)

Limiting beliefs can also masquerade like this…

  • Nobody really believes in this stuff
  • If I write this, people will think I’m cra-azy
  • I’m not sure my readers will find this valuable
  • I really hope somebody reads this (Read on, you’ll see why this is here)

Do you really believe people are going to read it – or are you stuck in Cricket Mode?

Are you “hoping” somebody reads this and finds it helpful? Are you secretly hoping that someone will read it and find it so profound that they might actually leave a comment on your site? Are you confident in the value of your message?

If you’re not writing from an attitude of abundance, your business is going to fall flat.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.” ~Unknown

If your innermost thoughts are “hoping,” that is exactly what the problem is.

Lose the “Loser Attitude.”

Your gifts are valuable. There are people out there who have been wishing and praying for a solution to their problems. YOU have the solution to their problems.

Why do you believe those people aren’t out there?

Why do you believe nobody will read your posts and newsletters? (If they’re not reading them now, it’s because of your attitude. You can’t blame it on your “history.”)

What if you tried writing with confidence, knowing that your message is going to reach the people who need to hear it, then sending it out to the world with that intention to back it up?

Let me repeat that in another way…

Don’t “hope” people will read it – KNOW that you have something of value to offer and that there are people out there who need to read it; who have been looking for the solution only YOU offer (in your unique way). Send it out with the intention of reaching those people. Hold that intention in your heart while you’re writing it and then send it out and let that be your truth.

Give up hope.

Trade it in for intention and confidence that your message will reach those who need to hear it. Send it out knowing that there are those who NEED to hear it, and have faith that those are the people who will find it.

Merry Pic 1Neveah is the no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is shadow of Merry Wise, Business Success and Accountability Coach. Merry helps female entrepreneurs who are struggling in their business to gain clarity of purpose and confidence in their unique gifts so they can put their business on the map. And, hear cheers instead of crickets. Discover 7 Little Known Secrets for Creating an Abundant Business in her Rewrite Your Money Story Kit at HappySexyLife.com.

The Shadow CEO series has been going on since Nov. 1st!

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