It’s Saraphina’s Birthday!

Hello Beautiful Soul.

On August 7, 2008 I became a Momma.

Saraphina turns 10 years old today.

She is always my magical fairy mermaid.

Beautiful and wise.

Kind-hearted and full of fun!

Sweet One,

My wish for you today is to remember your power and the spark within you that wants to create through drawing, painting, singing and dancing.

I wish that you feel joy each morning when you wake up. 

I wish that you will fall in love with yourself more, knowing how valuable you are and how LOVED you are.

I wish that you continue to take chances and try new activities that spark your curiosity.

I love you so much today, every day and ALWAYS.

Happy Birthday Saraphina!

Can you help me wish Saraphina a happy 10th birthday?

One of her wishes this year is to have 100 subscribers to her YouTube channel – she already has over 70! (I have around 80 subscribers, so she’s going to be passing me up soon! LOL!)

Here’s what you can do to help a little girl feel special on her birthday:

  1. Visit her YouTube Channel and leave her a “Happy Birthday” message in the comments of her video, “What A Life MLP (Ep1) Well come To My Life” Link: 
  2. If you feel called, please subscribe to her YouTube channel. You just have to press the red “Subscribe” button on any of her video pages.

Thank you! 

You are awesome.

AND, thank you for being a part of my world!

I’ve had a very full summer with the Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, the 4th of July Parade in Ojai and working with my beautiful ladies in my Higher Ground group. My blog hiatus is over and I’m so glad to be back.

I’ll post again next week with more mystical pleasures and business/marketing tips!


With love + pleasure,


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