It’s time to celebrate … my birthday! Yipppeeee!


Each January 11th I like to begin my day of celebration by reaching out to you.

I’ve been blessed with so much and of course want to give more of my energy back to the source – you are a part of that Love-Source.

Thank you!

Today, I wish hard for you … more pleasure, more love and more peace. Know that you are loved immensely!

I also want to honor our Mother Ocean each year with special donations to my partner charity Sea Save Foundation.

For today only, I’m donating $10 from each sign up of my branding course, Pleasure Yourself: A 5-Day Rendezvous to Create a More Provocative Brand, to Sea Save Foundation.

Here’s what you get in this week-long course:

+ 5 days of actionable, and dare I say pleasurable, homework emailed in pdf format,

+ 2 live online meetings;

+ plus my brain to pick for your copy, offers and website content EVERY day for the entire week in our pleasure playhouse on Facebook.

+ 5 bonus lessons from my incredible guest teachers: A Pleasure Flow Dance Routine from Lisa Beck | Create Your Own Hot Herbal Oil + Scrubs from Sama Morningstar | Magical Moon Ritual from Pamela Chen | Lesson in Shamanic Astrology from Tara Villeneuve | Taking Pleasure Selfies with Yancy Lael!

What you’ll learn in ONE week:

– How to create more desire and “buzz” around your brand and offerings
– Compile a list of “turn on” words and phrases, aka a Sizzle or Swipe File that you can dip into to create anything from blog post titles to Facebook Ad copy.
– How to write teasers and headlines BEFORE you unveil something new in your business world, so your customers can’t help but clamor to work with you and buy from you.

Fall in love with your work again and remember why you began your business in the first place.

How It Works

Bring one project that you’d like to launch and I’ll help you get it mapped out and ready to go … and have it feel ultra pleasurable at the same time.

Each day, for five days, you’ll receive luscious suggestions to make your day feel entirely orgasmic and tantalizing advice on how pleasuring yourself leads to an electrifying business.

Allow your senses to guide you:
Day 1: Sight
Day 2: Sound
Day 3: Taste
Day 4: Smell
Day 5: Touch

Call Schedule

Kick off call: Monday, February 8, 2016, 10am PT
Final group call: Friday, February 12, 2016, 10am PT

Pleasure Yourself takes place February 8-12, 2016!

Playshop Fee: $35, I’ll donate $10 to Sea Save Foundation.

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If Pleasure Yourself doesn’t fit into your schedule, please consider giving a donation to Sea Save Foundation of any amount.

Simply go to my donation website and donate to your heart’s desire.

[button url=””]DONATE TO SEA SAVE FOUNDATION[/button]

Thank you for your love + generosity!


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