I’ve got a fever … and the only prescription is MORE pleasure.

At the end of the Psyche (Soul) & Eros (Love) story, they bring a daughter into the world, whom they name Hedone, meaning “pleasure” (Voluptas was her Roman name).

The union of Soul + Erotic Love begets Pleasure.

In the philosophy of Epicurus, hēdonē was the quest for pleasure that could only have good consequences.

What do you crave right now?

It’s almost summertime and things are heating up … and, there is a new fever sweeping over the land (not Covid related). The Greeks understood that after Tragedy, the true remedy for the populace was Comedy. The same holds true today.

[The Theatre of Delphi. Photo by Mark Cartwright.]

I want to laugh more. Make love more. Walk in the sunshine. More nature. More pleasure, if you please!

In the spirit of this irrepressible urge to merge, I want to have a little more fun with you. Had it with “silly love songs”? Yeah, me too. (Snore.)

How about some hedonistic humor of the sexual variety? I mean truly down and dirty love songs, lol!

Here are my fave funny sex songs, for your laughing pleasure. These are all written and recorded by my ex-husband, Shaun (aka Shaunelle White) and they are frickin’ hysterical. Actually, they are downright groovy:

Are You Ready For My Shaunson: “I’m going to take you to White Chocolate heaven and I’m gonna make the juices flow…” PLAY SONG

Blow Jobs: “Someone tell my why she won’t give me blow jobs…” (Just to make it uber clear, this song is NOT written about me!) PLAY SONG

Emotional Lotion: “Here I come … ” PLAY SONG

Looking for more sexy ear candy? Here are my faves, of the serious kind: 

Shivering Fits by Perry Emge: PLAY SONG

Often by The Weekend, Kygo: PLAY SONG

Darling Nikki by Prince, The BEST Sex Song ever: PLAY SONG

Of course I need to end this missive with the quintessential musical comedy skit.



Mythically yours,



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