Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101

Online (virtual) and In-Person course:
Living in Bliss: Personal Mythology 101

3 Saturdays from 10:00-11:30am, October 15 – October 29, 2011
Virtual via phone and/or GoToMeeting and physical location in Santa Barbara, CA

– Discover your personal mythology & re-create your life.
– Re-member the fragmented pieces of your early life, when you felt inspired and enlivened
– Experience a deeper connection to your soul purpose.

By studying and applying current developments in archetypal psychology and personal mythology we can begin to discern the deep archetypal patterns that drive our lives behind the scenes. We will study the work of James Hillman, C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell. We will specifically look at the Mentor, Divine Child, Hero (Heroine) and Trickster archetypes, and investigate life-transforming archetypal patterns such as Descent to the Underworld, Crossing over the Threshold and Rebirth.

Click here to download the syllabus for the course.

In this 3-part interactive course we will:

– Deepen our awareness of our own archetypal tendencies.
– Connect with our hearts’ desires through story and myth.
– Re-write our myth, our story, to help illuminate our individual path to bliss.
– Listen to others’ stories and tell our own. Let’s be inspired!

I will be your guide and witness through this process using writing exercises, guided meditation, active imagination, mantras and interactive dialogue.

Course Fee: $75 for all 3 sessions. Early bird price is $65 if paid by September 20th. PayPal and personal checks are accepted. Please send payment prior to our first meeting.

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