Love is a river.

Ganges River, Diwali. {from}

Ganges River, Diwali. {from}

Love is a river.

It is a flow, a thread that moves us forward through life.

Its seed may be a crystal clear pool fed by a rushing waterfall or a placid lake fed by a slow melting glacier.

No matter where the love is born, its ultimate destination is the ocean. The river longs to merge with an endless and boundless sea of energy.

It takes a lifetime to make it there; with many obstacles, like boulders, that must be worn down gradually year after year. The detours create a serpentine path so unlike the straight line known as Cupid’s arrow.

This is the illusion. I believe I fly to love, but actually I crawl on my belly like a snake through the dirt, rocks, mud, sand and thorns. The stars above my head may guide my direction, but if I’m not connected to the earth, Love remains idealized and unrealized.

The other mistake I make again and again is enmeshing/merging with other rivers along the journey to the ocean. Some say these are not mistakes but rather “must-takes” to learn more about myself.

What I find is that Love can’t sustain the merging because I lose myself. The river stops moving. A dam is built to control the flow (by me and the lover) and my river becomes stagnant and dark.

Control. Ha! Another illusion to overcome.

What more is there to learn that the ocean cannot teach me? Why can’t two rivers stay in parallel, keeping the spaces open between them and still BE in Love?

Be in your river and know that Love itself is what pulls you to the ocean. Your beginning is written and your ending is inevitable.

In that open space between you and the other rivers exists all the laughter, pain, delight and sorrow – the World, the Universe.

Where there are openings there you’ll find creativity, fertility and potential.

Create. Birth. Dream.

Love is a river.

Be in your river through to the end.


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