Mermaid Meditation Ritual :: The Portal of Abundance

Today, I have a new Mermaid Meditation Ritual for you to enjoy, entitled The Portal of Abundance.

It came through last week and I recorded it on Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

I was attended by my usual blue dragonfly friend who you’ll see darting through the screen a few times.

According to my Mer-Guides this meditation activates your body and etheric fields to open up to any kind of abundance you’d like to bring in.

At the end of the video you can see the symbols in the sand that represent increase in wisdom and wealth. These are called Janarric runes and have been used in Italy and France by witches on the coastline to cast magical spells. (A free chart of some of the symbols is here.)

Here are some “words of enchantment,” traditionally used in sea magic.

Goddess of moon, earth, and sea,
each wish in thy name, must come to be.
Powers and forces which the tides do make,
now summon thy waves, my spell to take.

–Raven Grimassi, Hereditary Witchcraft, 2003, p. 147

Since our new moon in Virgo happened yesterday, it’s still a great time to activate or launch a new idea or project.

Watch or simply listen to the YouTube video below.


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