Mermaid Monetizing Map

🔮 When you discover your core brand archetype/s, you’ll win hearts AND clients every time you post or email your audience because you’ll know how to articulate the ROI of your offer.

As always, I live and work by my 6 word philosophy:
🌟 Play First.
🌟 Work Later.
🌟 Innovate More!

I play a lot of different ways, but the most fun for me is playing in the imaginal realms with all MY favorite characters: Maleficent, Doc Holliday (from Tombstone), The Little Mermaid, of course! We have all kinds of conversations and I tell ya, it’s the most fun way to solve all my own business conundrums.

🧜🏽‍♀️ Mermaid archetypes have a lot to teach about great business design and marketing. Sounds crazy? Weird?

Yep, but I can show you how!

Join me for an experiential workshop series on the 6 pillars of successful business creation — MERMAID style!

➡️ Electrify your marketing & sales processes so you can stop overworking and make the money you desire, the secret siren way

➡️ Activate your audience elegantly, without feeling like a sleazoid, so they joyously jump on your services, products & programs

➡️ Get grounded in your unique archetypal essence so you stand out from all the “cookie cutter” entrepreneurs out there!

You’ll channel new mermaid monetizing codes in your work. There are a plethora of titillating ways to turn on your money magnetizing power. And I’m tingling to share these with you, with the help of the mer-beings.

How It Works:

Each day, for six days, you’ll receive salacious suggestions to make your day feel entirely orgasmic and tantalizing advice on how turning yourself on leads to an electrifying business.

You’ll discover your personal mermaid monetizing map as we journey through all 6 Mermaid Business Archetypes:

Day 1: Visibility Virgin (and I’m not talking about the sexless type 😉 )
Day 2: Space-Holding Siren
Day 3: Embodiment Empress
Day 4: Essence Enchantress
Day 5: High-Touch Temptress
Day 6: Visionary Vixen

We’ll meet six days in a row in my ultra-private Zoom boudoir, where we’ll entertain each other with raw + juicy discussions around business & pleasure.

Being fully connected to your mermaid business archetypes and embodying them through your daily actions will enhance creativity, profitability and ease in your business.

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