Want The Map to Grow & Scale Your Business?

You two-leggeds are often told that business & pleasure make poor bedfellows.

We mermaids know that’s utter bullshit.

Let’s get one thing straight. Play & pleasure are the essential ingredients you need to heighten your success and create a sustainable, head-turning personal brand.


Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

If I were you, and I’m not, I wouldn’t follow mermaids into uncharted waters even if they offered me a map to the Aztec treasure of Cortez.

You can’t trust any creature, no matter how enchanting, that smells like seaweed, screeches like a banshee and only wears two little shells.



Magical One, don’t listen to that smelly Rum-bag who looks like he could be the offspring of an old 60’s rockstar!

Yes, you will be traversing unknown seas, but I assure you that we won’t lead you astray. Consider us your first mates because you’re always the captain of your own ship.


Here’s what we’ll help you do in Mermaid Monetizing Map ….

➡️ Activate your audience elegantly, without feeling like that bumbling Sparrow, so they joyously jump on your ship of services, products & programs.

➡️ Get grounded in your archetypal essence so you stand out from all the “cookie cutter” Captains out there through your uniquely designed personal branding.

➡️ Simplify your marketing & sales processes so you can stop overworking and make the money you desire, the secret siren way, unknown to certain dumbass pirate captains.

I’m dishonest, and a dishonest pirate you can always trust to be dishonest.


It’s the mermaids you need to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly … stupid. They love to start fires and sink ships.

Where did all the rum go?


Love, when you swim with us, you go deep. You flow. We’ll lead you directly to the characters and stories, the archetypes, living within your imagination.

After all, we mermaids are the keepers of the Rainbow Bridge, the ethereal realm where heaven meets earth, where the mundane is made magical.

In this 6-training, pleasure-soaked soiree you’ll channel your inner Aphrodite and Aquaman (the sexy, Mamoa version), to name just two possibilities, and release the inhibitions surrounding your business & brand.

You will unleash a tsunami of Creatrix power into your business.

You will be magnetic to exactly the customers and clients YOU crave.

If you desire to bring even more of your wild & untamed self into your business without fear, this experience is designed exclusively for you.


About Your Head Mistress Mermaid

Hi, I’m Kris. Just your standard mermaid mentor here to help you monetize your magic without undervaluing your services.

You’ll hear me talk about crafting compelling newsletters, cultivating connections with new customers, doubling your income and tripling your mailing list.

You’ll also hear me talk about mers, faes, goddesses, sprites, unicorns and angels.

It’s all connected. Trust me.

Because we live in a world where the line between myth + reality is permeable.

And the better we understand the universal archetypes that permeate our consciousness —the Seductive Siren, the Vengeful Sea God, the Pillaging Pirate— the better we can understand our customers’ evolving motivations, needs + desires …
as well as our own.

I’m here to serve as a mentor for enchanted entrepreneurs who believe that magic is real, that money is sacred, and that building (or reinventing) a business should feel like bliss.

Whether you’re looking to grow your spiritually-centered business, or bring an imaginative spark back into your personal brand so you stand out from all the muggles, I’ve got strategies to share …

and stories to tell.

How It Works

In each lesson, you’ll channel a new archetypal essence in your work. There are a plethora of titillating ways to turn on your money magnetizing power. And I’m tingling to share these with you, with the help of the mermaids.

Discover your personal monetizing map as we journey through all 6 Mermaid Business Archetypes that embody real-world skills you’ll need to succeed on your own terms:

Day 1: Visibility Virgin
Day 2: Space-Holding Siren
Day 3: Embodiment Empress
Day 4: Essence Enchantress
Day 5: High-Touch Temptress
Day 6: Visionary Vixen

Being fully connected to your archetypes and embodying them through your daily actions will enhance creativity, profitability and ease in your business.

Building a legendary personal brand begins with:

✨ Core Brand Archetypal Awareness
✨ High Touch & High Level Coaching Support
✨ Play & FUN!!

I’ll provide all of this and the strategies I’ve used to help 100+ clients double their pleasure and profits in 90 days or less.


My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are troubled. Best to leave treasure hunting to a professional.

If you were waiting for the opportune moment to turn back. This is it.

Don’t do anything stupid!


Mermaid Monetizing Map: 6 Trainings to Create a More Prosperous & Provocative Brand


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