Why Money + Art = Business Bliss

Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen, Promotional Wordsmith and Personal Scribe

“Entrepreneurship is just so risky, unstable and HARD.”
“There’s just NO AUDIENCE for the kind of art I want to make.”
“Believe me, I’ve tried. That’s JUST THE WAY IT IS, in my industry.”

Excuse me while I throw a textual tantrum. AAAARHGHHGGH#$Y%%&&*(*)&&)*%)!!!!
(all done.)

Good grief, chief! How many times have you heard these self-fulfilling declarations bandied about, by crushed friends & colleagues? How many times have you uttered somesuch nonesense yourself?

How is it — in these extraordinary times, with infinite role models crossing genres, defying conventional logic, and turning art into cash with unprecedented ease — that we’re still rutting about in these ridiculous notions — like scarcity junkies, lookin’ for a fix?

–Alexandra Franzen, “Money Amplifies Your ART — a micro-manifesto, for scarcity junkies”

Ah, yes. Money. Talking about money is right up there with talking about marketing and masturbation for most women. (And, I love to talk about all 3! I suspect Alexandra feels similarly.) I long to make a HUGE contribution to help women gain respect and the resources they need, like micro loans, so they can feed themselves, their families and their communities.

I want there to be clean water and nutritious food for all people, no matter their economic status. Water flows, just like money. In mythologies the world over, deities associated with wealth are almost always associated with water: Iemanja (Ocean Goddess), Oxum (Freshwater Goddess) and Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess often shown with elephants and a dish of gold coins floating on water) are all examples of deities petitioned for abundance and wealth.

I found Alexandra via Danielle LaPorte and feel so fortunate that I have a Velocity session scheduled with her on August 16th! I know the experience will open me up in new ways. Ways I’ve never even imagined.

Alexandra is a glorious combination of urban sass, savvy marketer, compassionate champion and mystical muse.

I love her and her work. I’ll leave it at that.

Here are Alexandra’s top 4 reasons why money and art are sweet bedfellows:

  • Money cradles + energizes who you already are.
  • If you are artful, money will amplify your art.
  • If you are adventurous, money will give you new ways to be bold.
  • If you are kind, money will stretch your compassion to the ends of the earth.

Read Alexandra’s full post here.

Alexandra enthusiastically signed on as a contributor for my eBook The Goddess Guide to Business Bliss due out August 20th. Pre-order for just $9 until August 19th. I know you are going to be blown away by the wisdom and offerings by all the amazing women who are contributing to this volume.


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