The Monthly Entrepreneur Tarotcast: June 2016

Entrepreneur Tarotcast June 2016

Card 1: Overall Theme
The Chariot

June is a month of movement and change, when you’ll be striving to stay centered amidst it all.

Travel could also play a part, and rather than getting frazzled and schizoid, stay more grounded by mixing business travel with sacred pleasure.

For example, if you need to go to London for a big business meeting, try to schedule a trip to one of the myriad of ancient stone circles or a historic castle in the West country (Devon, Cornwall, Glastonbury, Bath are my faves). If you decide to stay in the city, check out Westminster Abbey or Temple Church built by the Knights Templar.

Inspiration will come through while breaking free of your regular routines.

You have the potential for solid business wins this month if you can see projects through to the end and FOCUS.

Focus, yes. That.

Stay aware and if you find that you bounce between extremes, try to find the middle ground … particularly in relationships and partnerships.

Do you see things as black and white, or this or that? Are you being pulled in multiple directions?

You are challenged to find YOUR center, to be in YOUR element and at the same time lead with cooperation and compassion.

Card 2: Challenges
4 of Cups

June’s challenge is to not fall into a hole of self-absorbed obsession over things that aren’t going so well in your business. Maybe a decision you made didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

Did you look at what you could achieve in your business realistically?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and having high standards.

But when things don’t quite turn out the way you visualized … like selling 1,000 books or selling out your workshop to capacity … don’t get down on yourself or life.

Celebrate that you completed your beautiful book that 20 people bought and LOVE!
Celebrate that you launched your workshop that 10 people showed up to and were transformed!

Compassionate meditation, heart listening and self-evaluation will help.

Card 3: Support
3 of Pentacles

This month is all about teamwork, collaboration and feedback. Reach out to peers, mentors and your community to help you finish projects.

You’ll need cooperation between you and your spiritual team as well.

Work with fervor and enthusiasm, they’re contagious to success.

People and the invisible beings will see your dedication and come to your aid.

Card 4: Fears
Ace of Swords

Is there a truth you’ve been ignoring, denying or hiding from?

This month the truth wants to come to light. If you’ve been afraid to speak your truth or make a landmark decision, it’s time to get off the fence.

When you take up the sword of truth there is a chance you may go into battle to defend your point of view, or take up a cause that is dear to your heart.

For many of us, it may be time to cut away the fat from our businesses – run things leaner, meaner and more efficiently.

Do less, be more.

Step into your truth and your power!

Card 5: Action
8 of Swords

Interesting, we have another sword card here. This card’s essence is quite different because it’s about feeling disempowered.

Have you boxed yourself in a corner, feeling trapped and unable to move forward with your plans?

I think this card indicates it’s not a good time to push or force decisions that are not ready to be made. Strengthen your plans first and wait until you have a strong “YES” before moving forward.

The Chariot card in the beginning of the reading feels like the opposite approach.

Yet …

The charioteer is steering the vehicle, but the horses are the power pulling it forward.

Horses symbolize nobility, freedom, grace, strength and the life force.

Move forward in the way of the horse or don’t move at all.

Card 6: Outcome

Another card that features a sword!

Three swords in a row feels like a strong message to use our intellect, strategic thinking and truth this month.

Discernment will serve you well in June.

Weigh decisions with care to see the truth: what’s best for all and most fair to you and everyone involved.

Conflict may arise, some of it within your own mind and some with other people.

Overall, I get a sense that you will triumph over self-imposed fears and your imagined limitations to reach the heart of your own truth.

Be courageous and have faith in yourself and a higher power.

There’s so much magic in the air, it’s obscene!

Breathe. Believe. Receive.

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