Moon Goddess Jana: Facing Forward With Wisdom

Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.

Looking forward I am filled with vision.

Looking upward I am filled with strength.

Looking within I discover peace.

And, so it is.

Quero Apache Prayer (English translation)

I first discovered the goddess Jana when I was doing research on sea priestesses in 2015. I was immediately intrigued when I read that she was an Italian goddess and her priestesses (known as the Clan of Janarra) were located in Naples, Italy, my grandmother’s birthplace!

Often Jana is depicted with two faces, one looking towards the past and one looking forward to the future. Her consort, the Roman god Janus, is depicted the same way.

Many believe that January is the month to create resolutions and goals for the year. I believe this is mostly correct. Most people never stick to their resolutions and find it difficult to stay on course with the goals they committed to during the first month of the year.

One possible reason: January is a threshold month. It’s a month meant for looking backwards and forwards, visioning into what energies the year holds. It’s the point of potential where anything is possible.

This in-between-ness is a special time to connect with Jana, as well as this week’s full moon energies that we will experience in the sign of Cancer on January 17th–aka the Wolf Moon.

During this time of year, more wolf howls were heard and it was believed this was due to hunger. Now we know that wolves howl for many different reasons: to mark their territory, locate wolf pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate their hunting parties.

Goddess Jana is often shown in art with a wolf at her side. Wolf energy is connected to freedom, independence, intelligence, instincts and intuition. Trust is essential to follow your path forward into the new year. It is challenging to have a blank page staring you in the the face whilst you’re finding your bearings without a clear roadmap.

This full moon gifts you a time-out-of-time, magical moment to sit with your higher self and align with its higher knowing. It is out of this wise counsel that you can write a new chapter for yourself, your life, relationships and work in 2022.

Here are some prompts to help you make a deeper connection to your highest knowing:

Looking back with gratitude, like Jana’s face of the past, ask yourself these questions …

“When did you feel most in your element last year?”

“What can you do to keep bringing in these pieces this year?”

And, a few forward facing prompts …

“What am I initiating in 2022?” (Think of one word or aspirational phrase that lights you up if you feel stumped on this question. Then use it as a mantra to fuel you each day until the answer begins to flow.)

“What do I desire to bring into my life this year?”

“What will make me feel the most free in my life?”

Last question:

“Who and where will you BE this year?”

Describe a place of beingness (as well as a physical place too) with the qualities you wish your life to reflect.

I am a Priestess of Pleasure and Sensuality. The place I want to live is in gentleness, fun, playfulness, sensuality, love, quiet calm, dancing in rhythm, abundance, wealth and joy.

January is less about planning and more about dreaming. It’s a time to become deeply visionary in every aspect of your life.

As you gaze upon this Cancer Full Moon, listen for your internal wolf howls and follow their lead with complete trust. This is a mysterious and exciting time of the year!

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