Your Mythic Brand: Show Us, Don’t Tell Us

sidebarRTESample There is something in my book Return to Enchantment that you’ll hear me talk about a lot and that is your Mythic Brand.

And how those twinkling star showers of feelings, values, beliefs and dreams form the cosmos that is you and your brand.

You are a legend in the making, recreating yourself each day.

You are a myth in the making … when you can lay back and allow the forces of nature to reach into your heart and pull out your divine nature.

As you discover each shard of a story that you are carrying in your psyche you can begin to see all the connections, dead-ends, triumphs and disappointments … and begin to articulate all of this through your chosen/given art.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a healer, painter, musician, chef, writer, doctor, janitor you can elevate anything you do into art.

What makes a brand mythic, you ask?

Many brands come and go, but mythic brands stand the test of time.

Examples: Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Harley Davidson, Chanel, Tiffany’s

What qualities are evident in a mythic brand?
The use of mythological figures or symbols in logo?
The use of mythic figures in the name?

Sure, these aspects of brand have something to do with what makes them legendary. But they are the tip of the iceberg.

Underneath the superficial reasons that masses are drawn to certain brands is the REAL reason that we resonate with them:
Their behavior is congruent with their archetypal essence.

It’s all about actions – particularly visible actions taken on the public stage.

You can’t just talk about your brand and what it is going to do.

It goes back to that great storytelling adage, don’t tell us, show us.

Your quickie mission for today if you decide to accept it:

Choose one thing about your brand that you really want to get across to your audience.

Just one. (Yeah right!)

I’ll whip up a fast example for ya.

(I’m sitting at Blenz Coffee at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, CA right now about to take a ferry to visit my friend Kate in Nanaimo! Only have about 10 more minutes…)

For my brand: pleasure awakens the senses and brings us into deep presence of what is eternal.

Now I have to show you how this is true. I can’t just tell you.

I could do this by sharing some stream of consciousness writing I did.

Like this:

Falling in love is just a myth.
What we have is so much greater.
I, your Mer creature pulling you down into the deepest depths.
You, my Angel soaring me above the tips of the highest mountain peaks.
Both of us Sovereigns of our domains.
Never giving up ourselves
And enmeshing into that story of old.
For Water is always water and Air is always air.
My heart is sending you secret messages
Over the vast distances between us.
I love how you receive them and dive down from the Heavens to meet me at the water line.
A holy union so graceful that all beings want to be jealous
Yet are wholly inspired
To love and keep loving.

I can also do this by sending you Pleasure Bombs each Friday.


How will you SHOW us what makes your brand mythic?

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