Pleasure Bomb #43.

[pullquote width=”700″ float=”left”]Be your true self.
Be true to yourself.
Just BE.

Your #PleasureBomb has arrived a bit later than usual.

Sometimes nothing feels harder than being your true self. It can feel like you’re swimming upstream.

For today, simply BE your divine self. Rather than planning, strategizing and do-ing, try not do-ing. This looks different for each person.

What works wonders to stop do-ing (at least from the sense of obligation, because even in our not doing, we are do-ing something!) is being totally present to Pleasure. Think of one thing you’ve been desiring. Rather than trying to figure out something to do to get it, just be in the longing and the desire of it.

Allow feelings to flow. Allow stillness. Allow excitement. Whatever bubbles up to the surface is part of your true Divine nature.

In that moment you are your true self.

No need to do any sort of running around or wishing or visualizing. Do not effort.

Your desire is raw – it’s a prayer that needs no words. Your pleasure that emanates from your desire is raw too.

It is magnetic. It is erotic.

Stay here, if just for today.

A Pleasure Bomb is part oracle, part declaration…revealing what lives in the quiet sensual spaces of your Soul.

A Mythic Muse with messages of …

Unconditional love.
Sexy, sexy.

But really?

Pleasure Bomb = Aphrodisiac for your business and life.

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With love, devotion and pleasure unending,

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P.S. Next week I’m unveiling two new readings:

Jupiter: Your Soul’s Expansion – to celebrate Jupiter finally stationing direct on June 9th, I’m offering a combined astrology and tarot reading to help you learn about areas you can naturally expand in your life, relationships and business.

This reading includes an overview of your personal Jupiter and how he is working behind the scenes to lead you on your soul’s unique path.

Who is Your Spiritual Ally? Do you feel a presence at your back, guiding you and helping you move forward safely? I’ll do an intuitive tarot reading to give you more insight and messages from this divine being. Plus, I’ll incorporate a prayer-meditation that comes through just for you.


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