Pleasure is unreasonable.

Pleasure demands attention. It refuses to be ignored.

Pleasure is not patient, but always kind.

Pleasure is non-negotiable.

Pleasure seeks a place to be realized. It is seeking you.

Pleasure asks for what it desires.

Pleasure melts.

Pleasure is stalking you.

If you continue to ignore it, Pleasure will wither and die.

Pleasure doesn’t care if you have a full schedule with no breaks. It doesn’t buy your excuses. Not for a minute.

Pleasure is a satiated hunger.

Pleasure is love in action.

Pleasure is the beginning and the end.

The Puritanical morals that have carried on, since God knows when, do nothing more than imprison us inside a repressed and sensually lethargic cosmos. The body’s desires are seen as evil, dirty, bad, wrong … and chaotic. I won’t continue this thread because you know this already. You feel it. It saddens me that we haven’t evolved past this confining conditioning.

Terra, earth, is material and heavy and concrete. Without moisture to bind together the dust and soil; without the rains to water the greenery; without the rivers, lakes and oceans life would not exist here.

oxumOshun, the West-African goddess of fresh waters, was the only female included in the original 16 deities charged by God (Olodumare) with creating the world. At first the male deities didn’t respect Oshun’s opinions because they believed they could create the world without her.

Of course, nothing holds and they fail completely. Only when she demands respect do they sincerely apologize to Oshun (also the goddess of life, fertility, beauty AND pleasure) and she grants the waters of creation to flow. Everything binds together in a sensual dance of delight.

Pleasure creates life.

According to the African Medicine Wheel, taught by Malidoma Some, 2016 is a Water clan year.

Allow the flow of life to take you somewhere more harmonious, more loving, and more connected.


If Pleasure is evading you, perhaps it’s time to live up to her unreasonable demands. You are worth it.

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