Goddess Illuminated Sessions (8 Week Coaching Program, one-to-one)


8 Week Coaching Package Special for Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 1,600 (Paid in Full or Choose a 4 Payment Plan from Sezzle, Interest Free). Promotion Expires Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 11:59Pm Pacific Time.

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Goddess Illuminated Sessions


💎TAKE UP SPACE like a Queen & SEDUCE LIFE without shame or guilt.

💎 Feel connected & powerful and create healthy boundaries.

💎 Remember how sacred you are and stop putting up with bad behavior & tolerating less than savory circumstances in life and work.

💎 Delight in life again and feel connected to your soul’s calling & purpose.

💎 Believe in the beauty of your desires & ask for what you want without shame or guilt.

💎 Feel more relaxed & at ease so you can release self- sabotaging patterns that cause stress & anxiety.

💎 Experience deeper peace, softness & feminine strength within.

How The Sessions Work:

❤️ We meet over Zoom or phone (or in person for my local women) every week for 1 hour (8 Sessions total) where I channel the goddess that comes through for you. She’ll have special instructions for daily rituals and business advice that is required for your growth and ascension. There is also a transference of her sublime, healing energy that will make you feel all tingly and juicy!

❤️ Each session is recorded so you can return to it anytime.


8 Week Coaching Package Special for Black Friday & Cyber Monday: $2,000 1,600 (Paid in Full or Choose a 4 Payment Plan from Sezzle, Interest Free)

Pay in Full Bonus = Strategy Siren VIP 3 Hour Session at Bacara Resort, CA. (Or online if you can’t get to Santa Barbara.)

You’re ready for an enormous shift & a quantum leap into a new prosperous future … with full on EASE & GRACE.

You’re ready to get paid for your sacred work.

You want more clients and soulful sales—and an opulent life—in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.

Spend a few hours (10am – 1pm) with me mapping out your strategy and a plan to get it done without strain and overwhelm (on a private beach in proper Mermaid fashion). Get your core brand messaging on point and on fire so you can launch with pleasure and confidence.

If you live too far away, we’ll meet over Zoom, no problem!

(The VIP 3 hour session does not include accommodations or travel fares. It does include breakfast, beverages of your choice and snacks.)


Raves For My Work

“Kris provided her guidance during a time I needed support and connection to a world beyond work and the mundane self help book, which is not personalized or what I would call ‘juicy’. I was surprised that being gently guided through the coaching sessions, with beautiful readings, stories, tarot and the Spotify playlists along with achievable suggestions, made the difference between thriving or just surviving.

Working with Kris has reminded me the power integrated femininity can bring to home and work. She has diligently and kindly kept me on track and organized while recognizing the demands I have with a stressful career and full home life. Her work is not just for the now, it’s a way of life that can be incorporated into ‘how’ to live one’s life and ‘how’ to view the ever changing landscapes in our lives.”
– Katherine, Marin County, CA

“Kris has been my go-to girl for years and years. I wouldn’t be without her in my corner. Her coaching and belief in me is why I am bold enough to be a practicing priestess on the Internet, doing the work I do today. She sees what I am too scared to see. She believes in me. That support is everything.”
— Demelza Fox, Founder of The Morgan LeFay Mystery School & Rockstar Priestess

“The best part of your coaching was: A sublime mix of soul and mind. To learn to use my heart energy to manifest the opportunities to fulfill my “dharma” and allowing ease and grace to support me is the new way of doing business. Forget pressuring people, forget feeling desperate and stressed out. Kris is paving a new way of doing business.”
– Aparna Khanolkar, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor

“There is a truth in Kris’s work that has always struck a chord within me. I’m convinced that any success I’ve had is because of her guidance – the permission she has given me to embrace my inner archetypes, to opt for pleasure instead of perfection, to infuse everything I do with love. Kris is a true goddess in every sense of the word and I am so blessed that her grace and expertise has fueled my creative fire so many times.”
– Yael Wolfe, Oregon

“As someone who spends a lot of my time in the more masculine leaning world of business and numbers, I craved the idea of having a way to connect more with the divine feminine side. I love, love, love the curated playlists of music, and the rituals and meditations to connect with the goddess. I’m finding that illuminating my goddess connection is helping me to honor my femininity, engage more in self-care, and connect more deeply with my intuitive guidance. Thank you Kris for this beautiful collaboration with the goddesses!”
– Vivi Shiloh, California

Schedule a 15 minute call with me if you’d love to discuss how Goddess Illuminated will bring so much more sensuality, pleasure and MONEY into your life and business. Click Here!


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