Sacred Biz Mojo Moment #1

A Sacred Second Can Create Mojo Minutes. Take the time to invite the sacred into your biz and life.

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Let’s get into our sacred space.

Light a candle. Burn some sage. Hold your crystal.

Do those things that bring you out of ordinary time and into the Eternal.

Settle in by closing your eyes or softening the gaze and taking slow deep breaths.

Sink in as deep as you can in this moment.

I know you have a burning desire-laden, big vision inside your heart.

Bring that vision to your mind now.

See it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Get to know it even more intimately.

As you visualize and feel into your vision, what do you notice in your body? What thoughts begin circulating in your mind?

No judgement. Just notice.

And FEEL. If it gets intense, don’t check out. Stay with the heat.

Do you feel negative emotions like fear or doubt or undeservingness along with the love and excitement around your vision?

These shadowy voices, some call them critics, sabateurs or shadow figures, are there because your vision is big, game-changing and will expand you in huge ways. If they aren’t there … you are either enlightened or you’re numbing out (and both of these are possible!).

When you are walking on the path to your vision, a piece of you must die to make the space for rebirth. My guess is that is the root of the fear of transformation. You also threaten others when you embrace your visionary role. They will have to stare death-transformation in the face when they look into your eyes.

Now, tell these fears and doubts that you love and accept them. They are also your allies on the path to fulfilling your vision.

Imagine yourself as a devoted lover to your vision. Feel the pleasure and desire-fulfilling sensations in your body as you see yourself in the future fully manifested into this vision.

FEEL. A rush of endorphins will begin to flow.

Now take a moment to shake your body out, stretch or dance or walk. Movement will help you shift into full alignment with your vision.

As our sacred moment comes to a close, give thanks to all of the Powers that have brought you to this place: the elements, supernatural beings, ancestral and celestial guides … and your very soul.

Blessed be.

And one last word.

So many of us have fears and doubts about “failing.” And this stops us from being fully committed.

Your vision, and mine, requires 100% commitment. There is no other way.

You have my undying support, respect and adoration,



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