Spellbinding biz retreat in Glastonbury, UK. Check!

From the first time I visited the magical land of Avalon, I dreamed of doing a retreat here. Well, on Sunday October 1st, my retreat partner Demi and I wrapped up our retreat SPELLBOUND: A Bewitching Biz Retreat in Glastonbury!

I’m still here in the UK enjoying climbing the Tor, immersing myself in the White Spring and praying at Chalice Well. I promise to send you a full picture tour this month!

To say I was pleasured by the retreat would be an understatement. Truly, I’ve been transfigured by this land and by the 8 women who decided to join us on this retreat.

It is said there are 9 Morgens of Avalon who are fused with the sacred landscape of Glastonbury. Including my presence, there were a total of 9 women at our retreat! 9 is my life path number. It is a sacred number in many spiritual traditions and especially in Celtic religions where is represents the 9 months of gestation before a child is born.

On our final ritual inside the White Spring in Glastonbury, led by Priestess Demi, each woman was to walk from one side of the Spring to the other. Since we had private use of the space for an hour, two of us (Demi and myself) went completely nude, while others work underpants or simply rolled up their leggings.

Wading through the frigid water was something I was worried about doing. Will it be so cold that I will freeze, catch cold, etc.? Such was my resistance and fear. But the dimly, candle lit space was like a warm womb, holding each of us in comfort as we were transformed.

On one side of the central pool Demi was sage-ing the women and then they waded knee deep into the center of the pool before they crossed over to the other side where I waited to anoint them with Jasmine oil in the name of the Divine Feminine presence.

To my astonishment, when each retreat attendee stood in the center of the pool a white light shot up from the water at their feet, all the way up their bodies and straight up to the ceiling! As they came towards me to be anointed I could see in their faces a lightness and a serenity that was not there before. Some, including me, shed tears.

After our crossing we drummed and sang at the shrines of the Black Madonna and the horned god Herne (aka Stag King and Cernunnos) in each corner of the sanctuary. It was a homecoming for all of us and the communion we shared as a group will go home with me and bring me strength and courage as I commence the changes in my own business that I’ve long sought to make. More about that next month! Before I jump off I wanted to tell you about another magical, synchronistic occurrence here …. and it’s happening this Thursday in LONDON. My darling friend Vienna told me about a book store called Watkins Books and said that I should contact them to do a book signing and talk. Well, duh! Right? I emailed them two weeks before my arrival and it just so happened that their speaker on October 5th canceled. They put me in their slot! Usually they book signings, talks and events a year in advance, I was told.

You just can’t make these things up, right?!!!

I’m beyond grateful and very happy to let you know that I’ll be doing a book signing and mini-workshop at Watkins Books, THIS Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm. If you’re in the area, please come! I’d love to meet you. Or if you know someone in the London area, please let them know. Thank you 🙂

You can find them online at www.watkinsbooks.com and their address is: 19-21 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4EZ.

OCTOBER 5, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Kris Oster – Bewitch: Cast Your Spell to Get The Customers You Crave

Kris Oster, Ph.D is the author of the business and branding self-help book, Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood.

Her talk will incorporate a writing workshop on how to use mythology and archetypes in your branding and marketing.

Learning to view your brand as the soul expression of your business will help you magnetize your dream clients and customers without the usual marketing sleaze factor!

Bring a pen and notebook for some writing prompts. Wear comfortable clothes for gentle movement and breath work.


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