Post Summer Solstice Fun! And a recap of my not so gloom June.

Every year, beginning in May (the Beltane season), me and my close tribe of Santa Barbaran dancers, drummers and revelers begin preparing for our most beloved tradition: Summer Solstice performances in Alameda Park and the highly-attended (to the tune of at least 50,000+ people) parade up State Street. It’s hotter than hot and we sweat our beautiful selves up two miles of sweltering asphalt with sunrays raining down on us like a molten-lava river.

I feel so grateful and full and SPENT. Whew. June was a hot whirlwind of blessed busyness.

From my first powow/retreat with the entrepreneurial hotties I look up to most (on June 1), to facilitating my own mermaid biz retreat (on the new moon June 8), a free talk at Paradise Found (on June 7), to coaching 3 creative genius entrepreneurs, and writing copy, coding emails and creating autoresponder sequences (all for other entrepreneurs on the rise). Plus, 3 DANCE performances within one week of each other …


… all I can say is holy WOW. Productivity was at an all time high.

Here we are on July 2 and I’m taking a deep breath. A few days ago, out of the blue, 4 new clients swam into my world. Again holy WOW. I am so grateful and feeling like now I really need to put my balancing and self-care talk to the test. Putting into practice my own stop-doing list, taking care of my body with delicious and nourishing foods and massage/yoga/dance. All of these take TIME. And time for myself is feeling a lot less abundant. (So I signed up for Kylie Bellard’s A Day of Nothing (just $29) … maybe you should too!)

But, this is what I want. I want to be of service to as many creative entrepreneurs as possible and live a full, adventurous life. AND, I need to step into the cave for a few hours, or a day, if that is what is calling me. I’m listening to that inner voice that has my best interests at heart.

All of you teach me something new every day. Every time I hear from you and you tell me what I’ve done or said that has turned your world around or simply inspired a moment of reflection makes me smile. BIG.

I have an example that I’d love to share …

Here’s a teaching from one of my beloved clients that just turned my world upside down-in the best way possible:

“The ancestors are yet to be born.” –Sandra Easter, Ph.D.

Thank you Sandra!

Did you just feel a paradigm shift from just reading those words? I was listening to Sandra talk about her process during her pre-retreat session and that phrase just rolled off of her tongue.

“Whoa. Stop, please. Can you repeat what you just said?”

“Which part? The bit about the ancestors?”


She repeated it, as she gazed at me with her sparkling blue eyes. “The ancestors are yet to be born.”

Well, I nearly had an orgasm. I loooove that sentence. It says so much to me in so few words. Now that is awesome marketing my Mer-friends!

Remember when I said marketing is a golden opportunity for healing?

This is one of Sandra’s core messages and I know you’ll be hearing more about her in the very near future. (And, if you want to connect with her like ASAP, email me and I’ll connect you two.)

So, please continue to tell me your good stories. It fills up my tank every time! (And if you have a complaint, yes, please tell me that as well. I want to know it ALL.)

I’ll be working on my book proposal all month long aside from my day-to-day work. You won’t be hearing from me too much. Next week, I’ll send a reminder about my Fun in the Sun Summer Plunge, because on July 8th I open up “official” registration for 4 of the 5 spots left in July. (I actually had one spot paid and spoken for by someone last week who just couldn’t wait until July 8th.)

Until then play, laugh, stay cool (and ‘hot’).

Wishing you and your future ancestors a beautiful week.



P.S. in the comments below, tell us your good story. You may just win a 1-hour FREE pick-my-brain session for July!


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