Summertime Pleasure Package.

I’m always soooo busy in the Fall with my flagship program Higher Ground, and that’s why I love making space in the summer for one-on-ones with my favorite merpeople.

I know how much I come alive in summer and my energy is at its all time high! My mission on the planet is to spread that life-force energy to as many lovely and powerful people that I can.

I also know how important it is for magical, creative entrepreneurs to get lots of support to move forward and not lose momentum during the summer slowdown. This does not mean it’s time to sweat and worry about your biz. HELLLZZZZ NO!

This is a time to be fully present, completely sovereign and filled with sexy-sexy pleasure. Your creative energies are at their peak. I want to help you optimize your energy so you are ready to launch in the Fall, in full force, with energy to spare. I will help you soar this summer without the burn out.

I want you to restore your spark, plan and strategize like a BOSS, AND have tons of foolish frolicking and fun over the next 3 months!

The Summertime Pleasure Package includes the following delicious delights:

1. One-on-one Siren Session: 60 minutes (value $250)

2. Signed copy of my book Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood with shipping included (value $25)

3. Immediate Access to my self-guided online course Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love (value $59)

All this pleasure is yours for $334

The benefits of indulging in this package include:

  • Rebooting pleasure and passion in your life and business
  • Remembering how powerful and awesome you are
  • Getting inspired with fresh ideas for areas of your life and business that feel dull and dreary
  • Discovering the strategies that work best for your business archetype
  • Uncorking your innate creativity
  • Knowing your overall plan for the Fall launch season so you feel more relaxed this Summer

Curious to know more? Read on for more details about each part of the package.

1. One-on-one Siren Session: 60 minutes

This is an intimate pow wow with me over Zoom conferencing. You will benefit from my 30 years of corporate/entrepreneurial marketing, branding and business development experience, AND my knowledge of transformative, intuitive and mystical tools.

We will focus on a holistic view of your life, business and closest relationships because, as you know, it is ALL connected.

It’s time to break the old spells (the stories you tell yourself) that are holding you back from truly thriving and experiencing meaning and pleasure in your day-to-day life.

This session will help you channel your energy into areas that are important for your growth.

You can book your session anytime between June 19 – August 1, 2018.

2. Signed copy of my book Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood (shipping included)

You will have this book in your hands as a practical resource and a way to dive deeper into archetypal branding and marketing.

During our 60-minute Siren Session we will work on your business plan and marketing strategy, and make things simple, clear, efficient and pleasurable. Many of the meditations, rituals and archetypal activations I use and assign to you during the Siren Session come directly from my book.

3. Immediate access to my self-guided online course Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love

Enjoy a 2-week, delicious dive into the ART + SOUL of pleasure. Focus on choosing a path that integrates mind, body and soul, while using pleasure as your guide along the way. Each day you will have an assignment that is so easy and pleasurable, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t want to do it. This is a self-guided online course.

Week 1: Finding how the natal Venus in your birth chart is affecting your business, love life and material wealth. Learning how to use her energy to vitalize beauty, wealth, pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life.

Week 2: Taking the wisdom and epiphanies from Week 1 and applying them to your everyday life. Making big decisions with pleasure at the center.

What you will learn:

1. How to run your own natal and transit chart for free online; then you can pinpoint where the planet Venus was when you were born and where she is now.

2. How each of the days of the week correspond to a planet, element, chakra and archetypal figure.

3. How to infuse pleasure and passion into areas of your life that feel tired, stagnant, difficult and just plain blech.

4. How to focus on what’s truly important to you when it feels like the Universe is conspiring to throw you off course.

5. How to optimize your energy according to the days of the week so you can get things done without stressing out or feeling overwhelmed.

Are you ready to bask in the rays of the Summer sun without the icky, sweaty part?

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(FYI, aside from Higher Ground and my in-person retreats, this is the only way to personally work with me for the rest of the year.)

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