Summertime Rejuvenation and Joy Activation!

Learn it Live: Summer Solstice 2012: Activate Fantasy + Joy

If you need to rejuvenate your Summertime joy and activate your rich fantasy life, the recording for my Summer Solstice Circle is available to enjoy at Learn it Live. Mosy on over here to view the recording.

Here’s what I cover in the workshop:

Get Grounded and Connected:
– Drum to clear any stagnant energy and to clear the space.
– Welcome the 5 directions.
– Connect heart to heart.
– Sun and moon energy balance and integration meditation.
– Simple visualization exercise to recalibrate our energy and emotional
vibrations around prosperity, health, vitality, relationships and self-love.

– Writing prompts to go deeper into psyche and get the joy + fantasy juices flowing.

– Summer Solstice Vision Journey: Connecting with the heart’s passions.

Re-Membering a Peak Experience
– Write your story for the Summer Season

$12 for the recording and eBook. It’s on Learn it Live for you to use and enjoy!

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