Tanya Geisler: The Connection Between the Athena Archetype + Real Self-Authority

I adore Tanya Geisler.

First and foremost, I love her adoration of her daughter; the poetry, blessings and stories that celebrate her child on her blog. I have a daughter too and it warms my heart and opens me up to the dual roles of mother and entrepreneur that are intertwined whenever Tanya shares a post.

Tanya is the Step into Your Starring Role, creatrix and coach. She has created many offerings to assist entrepreneurs in “engineering and manifesting their artful, intentional, meaningful and joyous lives.” If you sign up for her mailing list, you’ll receive her Joy Pages which is a great way to get a feel for her work. She created The Board of Your Life in 2008, which helps you find clarity and momentum when you feel a paradigm shift beginning to happen, but you still need support to find the specific ways to get there.

She is sassy, bold, funny and won’t let you slip because she helps you midwife your biggest self that you can bring to the table right now.

272539_2044314954793_3860944_oAnd, one of the testimonials on her website reads:

Tanya is a brilliant coach and, amongst those who know her, revered for her ability to give just the kick in the pants you need wrapped up in the most amazing motherly hug. It’s a wicked combination. – Rachel Cole

I was so delighted and honored to interview Tanya. We had a wonderful time conversing about one of her favorite topics, how to own your authority. (You can watch her talk on TED, right here.)

It’s such a charged topic and it got me all emotional towards the end … as you’ll hear.

As far as our thoughts around the topic of the Athena archetype, here are the highlights spelled out for ya:

    :: First, she’s an Olympian, daughter of Zeus and Metis. The Greek word metis means “cunning and magical wisdom”

    :: Her animal totem is the owl, the bird that can see into the darkness and knows exactly where to go and what to do. The wise owl can be connected to our intuitive wisdom, the insight that comes from within. I think it interesting that the third eye chakra is named ajna – which means “command.” Our command center is this base of intuitive wisdom that comes from the authority, the Divine Source itself.

    :: If you look at Athena’s image, especially statues of her, you will immediately be struck with the fact that she has serpents entwined her both of her lower arms, wrapped around her upper arm, wrapped around her waist like a belt, and she has the face of Medusa on her aegis, over her heart chakra, and if you remember Medusa’s hair is made of snakes.

    :: Snake energy is one of transformation, shedding the skin, renewal, rebirth. And the symbol par excellence of the Great Mother, Divine Feminine.

    :: Athena teaches us to be self-empowered, to be strategic, to be creative and inventive. To be bold and be ruled by our own authority.

I’m writing a profile piece about Tanya that will appear in Rebelle Society’s “Entrepreneurs & Dreamers” series this August which will dive deeper into her full archetypal blueprint.

In the meantime, the audio of our 40 minute interview is ready for your listening pleasure.

May Athena bless you with self-confidence and her seeing-in-the-dark-through-the-bullshit super powers!




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