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Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood, available now.


You don’t have to barter your soul to pay the bills.

You’re a creative spirit, filled to the brim with big ideas and fiery passion. You journey to unite your livelihood with your sacred purpose.

Until you’re embroiled in an epic struggle between meaning and money.

Return to Enchantment swirls together archetypal psychology, mythology, case studies, and reflections, providing a practical and inspirational guide for you to:

  • Eradicate entrepreneurial burnout
  • Design an authentic + magical business that you run (not the other way around)
  • Magnetize your dream clients without the sleaze
  • Discover new income streams and create more financial abundance
  • Feel in your element + experience more pleasure running your business
  • Create unforgettable marketing and branding that stands the test of time

Praise for Return to Enchantment

“What captured me most in reading Dr. Oster’s insightful and authentic exploration of how one might brand one’s gifts and strengths in her/his pursuit of a life of meaning and income is the enormous range of disciplines she taps to convey a vast web of enchantments: literature, mythology, fairy tales, stories, theories of psychology, Eastern meditation practices—the list goes on.

Underneath it all is a red thread of certainty: that the human imagination is boundless, ever-active, energetically intense and often unconscious in a person’s daily life. Her book is a mythically-inflected, beautifully ordered and coherent response to such sleepiness. I especially found her writing prompts to awaken the soul, most original and engaging.”

Author of Bridge Work: Essays on Mythology, Literature and Psychology

“Kris’s teachings are like orgasmic vitamins for your soul. In Return to Enchantment, Kris teaches you how to weave mythical archetypes to create a truly arresting brand. This book is radically different than the often stale & recycled business/brand books on the market. I can barely wait to witness the creative bursts and utterly pleasurable brands birthed from Return to Enchantment. Warning: this book is highly addictive!”

PR Expert | Business Strategist | Actress | Screenwriter

“You are such a gifted woman, truly. I was reading your book this morning. And I’m constantly blown away by how you turn a phrase, how magical your writing is, how intellectual yet accessible it is. This book deserves to be a NYT Bestseller.

While I enjoy and respect people like Marie Forleo and Steven Pressfield, I think you are in, if not beyond, their realm. I don’t know if that’s how you want your brand to manifest in the world, but as least as far as influence, you have that capacity, power, imagination, and authority.

There is a truth in Kris’s work that has always struck a chord within me. I’m convinced that any success I’ve had is because of her guidance – the permission she has given me to embrace my inner archetypes, to opt for pleasure instead of perfection, to infuse everything I do with love. Kris is a true goddess in every sense of the word and I am so blessed that her grace and expertise has fueled my creative fire so many times.”

Author & Artist

“Ideas and energy sparkle and pop, spangled like diamond-bright drops from the mermaid’s tail in Kris Oster’s new book, Return to Enchantment. Forgo your darkest fantasies of becoming the next Willy Loman as you work to bring your venture to life, buoyed by the possibility and lightness that Kris offers while you are emboldened by the deep dives she makes into the infinite depths of imagination. Delightful, genuinely enchanting, and beyond all, generous.”

Founding Fomenter/CEO, Spillian LLC

“Reading the introduction to Return to Enchantment felt a long-awaited, deep sigh of relief. As a classic first-born-type A-overachiever type, whose addiction to ‘doing’ typically overshadows a desire for ‘being’… this book is the answer to my prayer. I have been hearing among my entrepreneur colleagues and within my own heart, a desire for creating abundant livelihood while simultaneously living a spiritually awake, self-care infused and magical life. These have been our questions: “How might I be successful and deeply fulfilled? Is it possible to achieve without sacrificing time, freedom, connection? I want to experience magic with my children, my partner, and in my work, but who has that?” Finally, (thank you Kris Oster!) appears the blueprint for self-discovery and success that is resonantly personal, nothing short of miraculous, and absolutely available.”

Beauty + Wellness Advocate, VibrantBiz founder

“Return to Enchantment is a deliciously juicy and totally necessary business resource that no other you would have experienced on the ‘business development’ shelves of your local bookstore.

It will show you how to work with mythical archetypes to create a true-to-you brand. I didn’t even wait ‘til I’d finished the book before I started implementing what is being shared in these pages, it’s too good! Kris has a beautiful way of making this ancient wisdom totally on-point for women who are creating businesses in the 21st century. I love Kris, I love this book.”

Author of Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers + Create a Bloody Amazing Life

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  • Boost your pleasure and watch your creativity & prosperity increase exponentially.
  • Overcome your resistance to being in a state of flow & magnetize your desires with speed, ease and grace.



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